5 Reasons Why the US Prefers War with the Middle East

The US has been at war in two out of three years since 1989. The interesting thing about it is that 1989 marked an historic juncture. It was the year that the US had no more worthy enemies. The Berlin Wall fell that year. The Soviet Union bit the dust. Francis Fukayama said it was maybe the “end of history.” Charles Krauthammer said it was the beginning of a new world, with only one superpower. He called in a “uni-polar world.”

But a country that has been taken over by its military industry cannot permit peace. It must make war – either against its own people or against some other people. Having no suitable enemies, the deficit-fatted pentagon, its rich lobbyists and the nation’s lard- butt patriots had to find some unsuitable ones.

One of our new, old-fashioned conservative friends explained what happened next:

They turned to the Mideast. Why? As enemies, the Arabs/Muslims have several advantages:

  • There are not many in the continental US; not enough to influence elections or run much of a counter-propaganda campaign
  • There’s oil in the Mideast; the oil companies contribute a lot of money to campaign coffers. And oil really is a strategic commodity
  • Americans don’t understand Arabs or Muslims…yahoo Christians don’t trust them. The Jews hate them.
  • They can’t really do us much harm. We can fight them forever…at huge expense and never win or lose.
  • It allows us to make common cause with Israel’s right- wingers…and brings in a lot campaign money from Jewish groups. That’s why all the Republican candidates – except Ron Paul – are pro-war.


Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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You radical, you! I expect your next article to be about the religious right being anti-science, and therefore anti-climate change, because it will ruin the economy. Bush believed that, then went ahead and helped speed up the housing collapse. Sometimes the simple answers are the best and the truest.

Biff Hardtack
Mr. Bonner, Which would you prefer, a war in your own yard, or in someone else’s yard across an ocean? Call it a preemptive strike. The culture war with Islam, Socialists, and homosexuals has been going on for sometime already. The US is disintegrating in increasing increments. Obama is dismantling the military, imposing unconstitutional laws, and pushing us towards socialism…loss of freedoms. The Islamists are also real busy with all sorts of lawsuits if you say anything bad about them…continually pushing for Sharia law. But the Islamists are getting poised to bring more terror to the front door of their… Read more »
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