The US Presidential Election: The other race that stops the other nation…

A Non-Mainstream Guide to the US Presidential Election

With media attention focussed on the big race this week, it may have slipped your attention that another big race is set to be run on the same day… although we won’t learn the outcome until early Wednesday morning.

I’m talking of course about the US presidential election – contested by incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.

Now, you may not give a hoot about local politics, let alone what happens in the US elections. But as Dan Denning explains in this brand new video (below) there’s so much interesting stuff around the US presidential election that you never get to hear about – because it isn’t covered by the mainstream media.

Dan’s briefing (complete with slides) covers the last 50 years of American Presidential elections, this week’s election, the complexities and the constitutionality of the electoral college, the case for (and against) Federalism, and the investment implications of the US election – no matter if Obama clings on for another four years or Romney sweeps to power.

It’s called ‘Indecision 2012’ and it’s your non-mainstream guide to the American election. To watch it now, click on the image below.

If history, politics, and a discussion of the dangers of pure democracy aren’t your thing, I’d give it a miss. But if you’re a news and political junkie, this is right up your alley. To watch it now, click on the image below.

A non-mainstream guide to the US Presidential Elections by Dan Denning to coincide on the eve of the US elections 2012, between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

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