A2 Milk’s Share Price Continues to Drop

The Auckland-based consumer company has experienced higher marketing costs across the US and China.

Investors were left disappointed, as they initially had a positive outlook. While A2’s partner Synlait Milk weighed down on a broad market.

Today, at time of writing, A2 Milk Company Limited’s [ASX:A2M] share price fell by 13.10%.

In only a day, its share price went from $12.15 to $10.55.

Poor margin plagues A2

A2 shares were in a much better state earlier this year, percentages across its division grew at high volumes.

A2’s revenue forecast fell to disappointing results, which was short of the average forecast of analyst expectations.

Despite its upgrades and gains in material stocks, nothing was able to counter this massive dip in share value.

Sharechat reported that the head of private Wealth at Craigs Investment partners, Mark Lister, stated:

I think quite a few analysts were expecting things to be higher than that in terms of gross margin, and that basically means earnings forecasts from analysts are too high, when the stock’s had such a stunning run and is priced to perfection, everyone’s excited and there’s so much hype, it means that it’s going to react much more sharply to any bad news or less positive news than what people are pricing in.

The majority of A2’s downside is to do with its gross margin displaying disappointing figures over the last couple of months.

Its biggest decline was a 1.2% dip in its Vital Healthcare property trust, as well as a decline in Summerset Group Holdings.

A2 is expanding its business while making sales, but its partners are going through rough times.

This doesn’t help A2’s cause, in fact, it’s affecting its shares just as badly as if A2 were going through the same struggles.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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