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But our mission is very different to that of newspapers or mainstream financial outlets. Our mission is to look at the investment world and the financial world in a sceptical and contrarian way. To do that day in and day out and tell you honestly what we see, even if it isn’t always popular.

How can this approach help you as an investor? Well, the world isn’t always what it seems. So our job is to look beyond the obvious headlines and explanations and tell you what we really think is moving the market — and more importantly, we’re trying to look ahead to show you where the next big opportunities are and where the big risks are that you might not be aware of. Now I can’t promise that we will always get it right. But I can promise you that by subscribing, you’ll find thought provoking, well researched and hopefully entertaining ideas delivered to your inbox six days a week. From time to time we may also contact you with other ideas we think you might find useful.

As you see, our Australian based team includes an expert in small-cap stocks, a resource stock guru, a 25 year veteran of the finance industry and one of Australia’s best value investors and securities analysts. Outside of Australia, our team is headed by Bill Bonner. Bill is the founder of Markets & Money and he began writing it over ten years ago. In fact, some people have said that when Bill started Markets & Money he started the world’s first financial blog — he just didn’t know it at the time. In addition to Bill, you’ll hear from other analysts and investors all over the world. All of them applying their contrarian instincts to the biggest investment topics of the day, and some you’ve probably never heard of. You’ll read about the state of the Australian housing market, the future of the commodity boom, China’s rise to an economic superpower, the fate of the US dollar and of course a whole lot more. Through all of it we’ll be trying to figure out what it means for your investments.

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James Woodburn
James Woodburn
Markets & Money.

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