Are AMA Group Ltd Shares a Buy?

AMA Group Ltd Revisited

This is a follow up to a posting I made last week on AMA Group Ltd [ASX:AMA]. In that post, the following was stated amongst other things:
‘Panel repairs, bull bars and such may not seem exciting, but if AMA Group are building market share and growing revenues, then that will show on the chart.’
Also, from the same post:
‘If a significant break of the minor high in early 2013 were to occur, then we could expect some sort of positive news to justify that break.’

AMA Group Delivers Positive News

Below, a snippet from the ASX announcement, delivered on Tuesday.
AMA growing revenue and increasing profits — who’d have guessed?


Source: AMA Group

Not a cutting edge biotech on the verge of something, or a miner with the hottest new mineral, just a panel repair business, but it’s growing revenue.
Just a further reminder not to get lost in the stories about the hottest new trend.

Are AMA Group shares a buy?

Now watch how it reacts to the positive news; you will learn much from doing so. The chart will tell you if AMA Group continue to grow revenue.
Are you checking the ASX announcements? If you are not, you are simply not reading the chart correctly.
If you want to know how to read a chart correctly, go here to find out how. Truly, you will find all that is written about stocks is totally unnecessary, my own writing included.
Terence Duffy,
Research Analyst, Cycles, Trends and Forecasts

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