Australia, “Not too good at sport”?!?

Here’s an interesting e-mail that arrived in our inbox over the weekend from one of our long time readers.  Though we must disagree on one point, Australia “not too good at sport”?!?

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Hey Dan,
Here is an interesting and topical article about worldwide perceptions about nations.
I travel quite a lot myself, and I would have to agree that this survey aligns with my experiences.
As I’m not an American, it’s likely that people in other countries tell me the truth about what they think about the US, and I’m sorry to say that respect for the US has dropped significantly over the past 5 years. It’s got to the stage where I’m wary of admitting that I actually like Americans (even if I don’t always agree the US Government foreign policies).
The US has not been very popular in the middle east for a long time, although it’s not because the “US represents freedom and democracy”. Arabs consider that the US is just a puppet controlled by Israel, and nobody likes Israel.
This view is now spreading to Europe and Asia, as well as within Australia, and beyond the far-right circles where it has long been a core belief. Even the far-left is taking the same position.
This view does tend to make Americans very angry, probably because “in American mythology—the only thing worse than being loser is doing what you’re told.”
But rightly or wrongly, that is what more people seem to believe.

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