Another Lucky Call on Corporate Travel Management Ltd Shares

Another Lucky Call on Corporate Travel Management Ltd Shares

Corporate Travel Management Ltd Revisited

This is a follow up to a posting I made on February 13 on Corporate Travel Management Limited Ltd [ASX:CTD]. In that post, the following was stated amongst other things:
‘What Can we Expect Now for CTD Ltd?
‘One doesn’t have a crystal ball; however, at some point, one could expect news suggesting increasing volumes, growing revenues, etcetera.’

CTD Ltd Delivers Positive News

And below, recent news, a snippet from the ASX announcement, delivered this Wednesday, 25th of Feb.
It states that CTD revenue has grown by the tune of 93%. How did I know that was coming?


What Can We Expect Now for CTD Ltd?

Now watch how it reacts to the positive news. The chart will tell you if CTD Ltd continues to grow revenue.
OK, this is what you should do.
Go back to that posting of Feb 13, and look at the chart. The market was telling you in advance, in big bold letters, CTD Ltd was growing revenue.
If you cannot see that, then you must go here to find out more. Not next week, not tomorrow, today! You remain at a substantial investment disadvantage if you are unable to read a chart. Do subscribe to this service. You just won’t get this information anywhere else.
Truly, if you knew how technically easy it is to trade markets… Notice the qualification, ‘technically’. Unfortunately, for many (myself included), you will first have to deal with all the BS that is rattling around in your skull. BS is short for belief systems. To trade markets profitability, it’s all belief systems.

Terence Duffy,
Research Analyst, Cycles, Trends and Forecasts

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