How Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionise the Way You Invest

When you walk into the Henn Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, two unlikely characters await you at the check-in. One is a Japanese female humanoid. The other is a sharply dressed English-speaking dinosaur.

Both have blinking eyes, 1000-watt smiles, and never need to leave their desk.

The owner of Henn Hotel, Hideo Sadawa, is a big believer in using technology to maximise efficiency. So from the bellboy to the concierge, you won’t be speaking to anyone with a heartbeat. The hotel is manned almost completely by robots.

It would be an incredible sight to see. But you don’t need to go to Japan to witness artificial intelligence in action.

It’s happening all around us, embedded in the tech we use every day.

And it’s only going to become more common.

‘Cognitive computing’ has had millions invested into it by big names like IBM, Google and Facebook. As a result, innovation in the AI sector has been skyrocketing for the past decade.

These profound advancements are slowly seeping into our daily lives.

Artificial intelligence is at work every time you get a personalised product recommendation online. It’s at work when the microchip in the iPhone X maps your features for facial recognition. And it’s definitely at work with the US military’s plan to create self-aware robots to fight in the place of soldiers.

Really, I could go on forever. Artificial intelligence is an obsession for filmmakers and investors alike — we all want to be privy to the tech of the future. Especially when its impact is so clearly evident. Even the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are concerned about the power AI could have without regulations.

But despite all the advancements, Artificial intelligence has yet to be utilised to its full potential. It hasn’t as yet broken into the mainstream.

But that’s likely to change soon. There is going to be a huge collision of technology. A momentous event in which two major trends intersect: Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Exponential Stock Investor editor Ryan Dinse has recommended a tech company that is at the forefront of technological convergence. This tiny company has found an ingenious way to meld AI with our everyday technology needs.

We can’t reveal the name of the company here. But if you’re hooked on the idea of being involved in one of the biggest market shake-ups of our time, you’ll want to read Ryan’s latest report. It won’t be long before the mainstream starts to pick up on this emerging trend. Don’t waste another second. Details here.

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On Thursday, Ryan explained why some of the big banking giants are jumping ship. Surprisingly, it appears that there is more money to be made elsewhere. Blockchain and other financial technologies are changing the game, and making huge profits while doing it. The banks know that this innovation is already chipping away at their monopoly, so they’re trying to get in on it while they can. Ryan thinks you should too.

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On Friday, despite attracting little attention, Ryan looked at a metal that’s just a hit a 10-year high. Zinc is everywhere around us. It’s in our cells. In the food we eat. And the cars we drive. Driving this newfound demand for zinc is the infrastructure spending boom that Ryan says is coming next year. But that’s not the most intriguing side to this story. Zinc could be set to the ride the boom in big data taking shape. Which companies stand to potentially gain from this double boost for zinc?

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