Demand For Australian Resources Booms in China, Europe

“China’s imports of copper and copper products rose 61 percent from a year earlier to 307,740 metric tons in March, the highest ever. Booming demand from China, the world’s fastest- growing major economy, has sent prices soaring 43 percent since early February,” report Millie Munshi and Halia Pavliva in Bloomberg. BHP has so far been thwarted from opening a new liquid natural gas terminal with which to deliver Woodside Petroleum’s natural gas to well-tanned Californians. Well dressed, clever sounding, filthy rich Hollywood stars have made sure of that. But China has no qualms about buying what Australia produces.

Neither does Europe. European Union ambassador Bruno Julien was in Western Australia earlier this week, urging that state to shut up and start selling U308 to the Europeans, who are going green as fast as they can, whether it makes economic sense or not. “We need more uranium,” Julien said, “because we are trying to green our energy supplies, to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, and it’s our view we can work with WA.”

Yes, but will WA work with you Mr. Europe? Maybe. Australia has a lot that the rest of the world would like to buy, from raw materials to finished goods. Our focus, on the double-secret, paid-only side of our daily research, is to find the Australian energy and resource firms giving Europe and Asia what they need. There are a lot of firms. And here’s a hint, none of them are named Telstra, Coles, or Qantas.

Finally, we got this e-mail the other day in response to our description of our new flat, which at the time, was dirty, poorly-lit, and Internet free. “I feel sorry that you don’t seem to be doing so well, financially. Errr…am I supposed to be following your financial advise? (sic) Maybe you should follow mine.  I retired at 38…  :)”

Our reply? Good on ya! Maybe we should take your advice! And maybe you should send it to us. In fact, anyone with a million-dollar idea can feel free to write us at

And one other piece of advice, or insight really. Avoid retirement! Leisure is the source of all mental insanity and physical degradation. Surplus, whether it’s fat calories or seconds in the day, is usually wasted. Turn all that extra energy into new work and you’ll end up sane, wealthy, and busy.

Thus, our lovely art-deco flat is now clean, well-lit, handsomely decorated, and still, thanks to Telstra, internet free! We have also developed a grudging respect for roaches. They have adapted to survive all conditions and do so admirably, in face of anger, fear, open flames, and anything else you can try and crush them with. Our new aim: become the Warren Buffet of cockroaches.

Dan Denning
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Dan Denning

Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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congratulations very good site!! re your cockies;spray around skirtings with outdoor mortein surface constituent(deltamsthrim)-they will die like….er…flies regards, wayne

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