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The Falcon has Landed

Reward yourself for your virtue by watching the spectacular landing by Space-X’s Falcon 9 rocket earlier this week.

Revelation of a Genisys

It’s all part of the trend towards automation, more ‘intelligent’ technologies, and the dislocations they cause in the labour market and in global power politics.

Italian 2-year yields go negative

How desperate are investors now in a low-growth, low-interest rate world? They’re lending money to one of Europe’s most free-spending governments and getting negative interest on the loan. By ‘negative interest,’ yes, I mean they’re paying to loan short-term money to the Italians.

Technology Gets to Work

Technology is changing our relationship with work at ever faster rates. This creates structural dislocations in the labour market which show up in GDP numbers. As investors, our challenge is to understand this change, try and forecast it if we can, and then profit from it with some tactical risk taking.