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US Bond Bears Should Envy Broken Clocks

Consider those poor souls who continuously predict rising interest rates. These 'bond bears' have not been right once in the last 30 years. But even if bond bears are not right even once-a-three-decades, perhaps they will prove to be right once-a-generation... and perhaps that moment is now, or almost now.

Lessons to Learn from Stock Trading Celebrities

The telltale signs of a too-hot stock market are only certain in retrospect. But that doesn't mean you can't feel the heat building up ahead of time. The classic signs of an overheated market include both technical and anecdotal phenomena.

The ‘Corzine-Dimon Syndrome’

If America is to regain her former glory, she must regain the integrity to prosecute guys like Jon Corzine and the courage to let guys like Jamie Dimon fail.

Nigel Farage on the Fall of Europe

Late last week, Nigel Farage sat down with Lauren Lyster, the witty and engaging anchor of Russian TV's Capital Account, to discuss his anti-eurozone perspective. (One of your editor's loved it; the other, not so much).

Financial Diabetes

Bernanke's latest money-printing escapade is not all bad, of course. Even your Daily Reckoning editors cannot despise it completely.

The US Dollar: A Titanic Disaster

One hundred years ago, the Titanic slipped below the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. That's roughly the same moment when the US dollar also hit an iceberg.

The US Fed: Champions of Dishonesty

What are we to make of the revelation that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury allowed the multi-trillion-dollar Libor fraud to operate for more than four years?

In Bed With Jon Corzine

Federal authorities are unlikely to bring any criminal charges whatsoever against the former executivesof the bankrupt M.F. Global including its former CEO Jon Corzine , despite the fact that $1.6 billion of clients' funds remains "missing."