Harry Dent

The Amazon Tax

The Supreme Court recently overruled previous decisions that said states couldn’t enforce a sales tax on companies without a physical location in their state. Now, online retailers must collect sales tax based on the consumer’s…

The Death of a Dream, Part 1

‘Net Demand’ fell from its peak in 1991, and doesn’t bottom until 2033. That means 42 years of falling trends in home prices, and likely more down the road farther. You can imagine that virtually…

The American Illness

President Reagan beat Trump to it back during his time in the White House during 1981 through 1989. His tax cuts were, and are still, the largest seen in American history.

Potential Signs of a Recession

Here we are, with the second longest expansion in history, without a 20%-plus correction. By late August it will become the longest expansion…and CCC junk bonds show no signs of a recession as yields trickle…

Escalations in America

The markets keep reacting to the escalations in trade tensions. People keep reacting to the no-tolerance policies on immigration, separating children from their parents.

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