Harry Dent

The Globalist Manifesto

It’s interesting to note that the NASDAQ found support around the same level it reached during the October panic low. You can see this in the chart below. This is positive, and suggests we might…

GFC All Over Again?

The important point NOW is that the Home Construction Index peaked in late January. Since then, it’s fallen 36% into late October. I believe this second bubble burst will be worse than the last one.

The Real Estate Doomsday Map

It’s not who voted for Hillary. Instead, those are the prosperous parts of America where there’s been strong economic growth, new jobs, rising home values, and higher pay over the past two decades.

Real Estate’s #1 Weakness

Right now, millennials are the largest cohort of homebuyers in the US. However, this is the number one problem real estate faces right now, right alongside being completely unaffordable…

The Death of a Dream, Part Two

Yesterday I showed how Japan’s first and more massive real estate bubble peaked in 1991. And then showed how it crashed right along our bubble model into 2013. Now let’s look at the US bubble…

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