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Avoid These Emerging Countries…

Just saw a chart with the second quarter GDP results for the fastest growing countries in the world, and… Of course, emerging countries – largely Asia – dominated. India topped at a whopping 8.2%, followed by waning China at 6.7%, Indonesia at 5.3%, and Turkey at 5.1%. Other notable emerging countries were struggling, with Brazil … Read More

Wages Are (Finally) Blowing Up

Summer doesn’t officially end until 21 September in the Northern Hemisphere. But we’re more than a week beyond Labor Day in the US, and business is business. And things were booming last week. Ignore Woodward’s latest ‘tell-all,’ that infamous anonymous op-ed, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and all the other rings of the DC Circus. We … Read More

Finding the Truth by Looking at the Facts

The truth is… I can’t stand sentences that start with that. Typically, the author or speaker is discussing a controversial topic and trying to lay the groundwork for his or her position, casting everyone else as a liar or simpleton. Paul Krugman of The New York Times comes to mind. He won a Nobel Prize … Read More

Aston Martin’s $6.5 Billion IPO: Good Timing for Who Exactly?

Aston Martin is riding Ferrari’s bumper with its proposed IPO launch that values the company at around $6.5 billion. It’s on track to sell between 6,200 and 6,400 cars this year, with projected sales of around $1.26 billion… So that looks like a monster valuation, at around five times sales and as much as 60-times … Read More


According to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, the US economy is doing just fine. Interest rates went up at the last Fed meeting because the August ISM manufacturing index came in at a 14-year high.

Trump’s Troubles

Whether you like Trump or not, one thing is clear: He’s in trouble. Only his strongest supporters seem to still want him around. They elected a non-politician to change the system. To them, he’s doing…

Why Puerto Rico? Let Me Explain

Puerto Ricans are US citizens and have free movement to and from the US. The truth is that it’s always been more of a one-way street from Puerto Rico. The chart below shows the trends…

The Bitcoin Train

I believe that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are acting a bit more like the gold bubble. Gold did finally burst big time in early 2013, and has continued to mostly drift down ever since. It bounced…

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