Jason McIntosh

Jason is a professional quantitative analyst. Before he graduated in 1991 he joined Bankers Trust — a Wall Street investment bank — to be a trader. After Bankers Trust was taken over in 1999, Jason, already financially independent, co-founded a stock market advisory and funds management business called Fat Prophets. At 37 he sold his part of that business and retired. These days, he’s a private trader and system developer. In 2014 he launched the wildly successful trading service: Quant Trader.

Beware of this Profit Reduction Strategy

Is selling half a good idea? Think about this for a moment. Your answer could have a big impact on your results. Many people like to sell half of a profitable trade. They say it’s better to bank some profit early than risk a lower price later. As the saying goes, ‘You never go broke … Read More

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