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Katherine Johnson, usually going by just ‘Katie’, is a member of Port Phillip Publishing’s editorial team, as well as the Editor of the Saturday edition of Markets & Money.

Katie works with all of your editors to maintain the quality of their research and analysis. In her Saturday Markets & Money articles she specialises in cryptocurrency and technology stories, and brings you a recap of the week from your other Markets and Money editors.

financial system bitcoin outweighing dollar

The Old Financial System Is Dead

Whether or not cryptocurrencies are the answer to the banking system’s many flaws remains to be seen. But the attempts by governments to quell the rise of this technology only speaks to the bourgeoning power of this asset class. What we do know for certain is that the financial sector is in a state of flux, and change is occurring rapidly.
blockchain and artificial intelligence colliding

When Robots and Blockchain Collide

Many are starting to wake up to the dilemmas that artificial intelligence (AI) may pose. There are key questions that need to be addressed. Including the changing nature of work and the protection of privacy. That’s why the intersection of blockchain and technology, particularly AI, will be the biggest investment theme of 2018.
blockchain technology

Why Blockchain Could Outrun Bitcoin in 2018

Not everyone has the stomach for such a turbulent investment rollercoaster like Bitcoin. The uncertainty about the future of cryptos remains palpable. In the meantime, blockchain technology continues to prove itself as well-grounded tech with revolutionary potential. And the companies that have utilised it effectively have been rewarded with immense success.
blockchain technology

Why Blockchain Trumps the Banks

So far the banking sector has been shockingly ineffective. The Royal Commission is proof enough. It’s time a new solution was put forward to minimise the risk of fraud and deceit. And what could be better than blockchain technology — the infrastructure of which is based around trust?
cybercrime bitcoin

Cybercrime Becomes Violent as Cryptos Soar

When considering cybercrime, most people think of this brand of untraceable theft. One that seems to be an unfortunate reality for crypto owners. But evidently, cryptos can still be stolen the old-fashioned, gun-to-the-head way.
blockchain technology being used in humanitarian aid

Why Blockchain Is the Future of Humanitarian Aid

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Azraq refugee camp, a blockchain revolution is brewing. For months, aid payments had been delivered to refugees via banking middlemen. Due to the remoteness of the camp, the transaction fees were high, the transfers slow, and the delivery unreliable. But no longer.
bitcoin disrupting daily news

Bitcoin Disrupts More Than Your Daily News

With only a month left in the year, it seems bitcoin and other cryptos don’t have any intention of putting on the brakes. And after all the insane gains and volatile movements of 2017, we are left with two extremely polarised streams of thought.
cryptos and the upside it brings

Global Crypto Debate Heats Up

Right now, cryptocurrencies are being discussed around dinner tables and in government boardrooms all over the globe. Heated debate over the value of cryptos continues to dominate the news. And for good reason.

Amazon Is Entering Australia Blind

The Australian market is not going to be an easy one to infiltrate. If Amazon hopes to fulfil their promise of fast, accurate deliveries, they will need the help of Australians themselves. One local company, in particular, has just the thing they need.
blockchain technology

The Future of Money

Change is inevitable, and it’s happening now. The automation revolution has only just begun, and the effects are by no means isolated to the finance industry. But if you watch your back, you’ll be able to surf the waves instead of getting knocked down by them.  
market making money

Why Small-Caps Could Be Set for Huge Gains

Small-cap stocks can certainly provide satisfaction if you have your bet on the right ones. The ones that are quietly working away, out of sight from the mainstream, to create revolutionary innovation from technology that already exists.