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Katherine Johnson, usually going by just ‘Katie’, is a member of Port Phillip Publishing’s editorial team, as well as the Editor of the Saturday edition of Markets & Money.

Katie works with all of your editors to maintain the quality of their research and analysis. In her Saturday Markets & Money articles she specialises in cryptocurrency and technology stories, and brings you a recap of the week from your other Markets and Money editors.

global economic outlook in trouble
No Bang for Our Borrowed Buck
Even with all of this innovation, our economic growth is slowing. The reason for this, Vern argues, is that we have failed to be adaptive in our economic model. And now we are drowning in debt and are struggling to keep our economy stable. Although we are accustomed to our GDP always rising, and our living conditions becoming ever-better, it’s an expectation that we need to rethink.
Australian Taxation Office
The Great Australian Crackdown
The investigation into the tax office, which was conducted in partnership with Fairfax and former employees of the ATO, depicted stories of small business owners and individuals who were alleged to have been ‘aggressively pursued’ for debt that they didn’t owe. The exposé highlighted the far reaching powers of the tax office and how they have the potential to be abused.
online privacy
Free Yourself from the Internet
In the wake of these discouraging few weeks, now is the time to reconsider our attachment to the digital world. As internet users and investors, it’s always valuable to take some time away from the flashing screens and turbulent charts in order to return to the markets refreshed and astute.
Aussie banks in for a tough time
The Slow Death of the Banks
It was misconduct that led to a $75 million royal commission into banking that kicked off last month. And it’s looking like, by the time it’s over, the banks are going to have to dish out a lot more than $1 billion. The big four banks have lost around four percent of their value since the commission’s commencement. And with a new code of conduct about to be implemented, they could be in for even harder times.  
privacy in a digital age
Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Age?
Using all of the information we willingly upload to the internet, extremely complex character profiles are built and recorded. Our political views, interests and fears are all laid bare — allowing software to create a tailored shopping list of consumers that is then sold to marketing companies.
Toys R Us
Do Kids Play with Toys Anymore?
The latest to go is toymaker extraordinaire, Toys "R" Us. Like us, they know the online world provides content that is often more engaging and rewarding than anything you can find in the real world. And with myriad of video games and mobile applications available, it’s no surprise that the humble toy store couldn’t compete. This is a trend we are seeing in retail across the board.
cryptocurrencies are here to stay
Is There a Future for Cryptos?
All appears quiet in the world of crypto. The roaring optimism we saw last year has died down considerably. Though, right now, new cryptos are popping up all the time. Blockchain innovations are even more prevalent. Clearly, the crypto market is still alive and kicking.
tax cuts
Should Turnbull Follow Trump’s Lead?
The Turnbull government is pushing for tax cuts totalling $65 billion — lowering our rate gradually to 25% by 2026. The coalition argues that this would allow us to stay on par with other major nations. More controversially, however, the cuts are being peddled as a necessary step to stimulate wage growth. Can tax cuts solve low wage growth?
global market sentiment is uncertain
Ghosts of Crashes Past
There is a lack of certainty about where the market will move next, and past crashes are fresh in investors’ minds. This anxiousness is reflected by the recent spikes in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) or, as many rightfully call it, the ‘fear index’.
Australian exports economy
The Radical Shift Hitting Aussie Exports
With our wide-open space, clean air and natural wonders, Australia is an exporter’s dream. It’s no surprise that our natural resources are coveted worldwide. However, the export industry in Australia also has a dark side…
australia marijuana stocks
Australia’s Marijuana Goldmine
Clearly, this is a market on the verge of exploding. And Australia is on the cusp of becoming a world leader. The federal government’s new laws will likely come into effect at some point this month. And waiting on the frontline are a few Aussie pot companies poised to take advantage.
crypto wars
The Great Crypto War
Ever since cryptocurrencies made their mainstream debut, they’ve been polarising to say the least. In response to crypto mania, companies in the tech and finance industries have split off into two staunchly opposed camps.
Amazon Go
Retail Will Never Be the Same Again
What better way to simplify the retail process than to remove humans from the equation? Amazon, a company already well known for being a retail disruptor, has recently unveiled a new store where you can ‘just walk out’.
financial system bitcoin outweighing dollar
The Old Financial System Is Dead
Whether or not cryptocurrencies are the answer to the banking system’s many flaws remains to be seen. But the attempts by governments to quell the rise of this technology only speaks to the bourgeoning power of this asset class. What we do know for certain is that the financial sector is in a state of flux, and change is occurring rapidly.
blockchain and artificial intelligence colliding
When Robots and Blockchain Collide
Many are starting to wake up to the dilemmas that artificial intelligence (AI) may pose. There are key questions that need to be addressed. Including the changing nature of work and the protection of privacy. That’s why the intersection of blockchain and technology, particularly AI, will be the biggest investment theme of 2018.