About Kris Sayce

Kris Sayce, dubbed the ‘Jeremy Clarkson of Australian finance’, began as a London finance broker specialising in small-cap stock analysis on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Kris then spent several years at one of Australia's leading wealth management firms. A fully accredited advisor in shares, options, warrants and foreign-exchange investments, Kris was instrumental in helping to establish the Australian version of the Markets and Money e-newsletter in 2005.

He is the Publisher, Investment Director and Editor in Chief of Australia's most outspoken financial news service, Markets & Money.

risk in the financial markets
Where the Real Risk Resides
Individual investors aren’t a systemic risk. Individuals don’t have a large enough access to borrowed capital (loans) to create that risk. The risk, as always, is in the hands of the know-it-alls and big heads on Collins Street, Martin Place, Wall Street, and in the City of London.
Trouble’s for Aussie Housing
Trouble’s for Aussie Housing
Whereas the US bubble has presented itself in the form of a stock market bubble, the Aussie bubble presents as a housing bubble. Americans love stocks. Aussies love housing.