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Dr Doom Brought to You from the Grand Hyatt Melbourne
‘Doctor Doom’ Marc Faber is down in Melbourne to discuss where the world is heading. Is a stock market crash on the cards? Or is it something else? ‘Where is the World Going?’ was the theme of Dr Faber’s presentation today. And around the world we went. Dr Faber had so much to say, we can’t fit everything in. But Dr Faber is quite well versed in the Chinese economy...
Trump’s Deal with the Deep State
Then, no sooner had we all relaxed when, on Sunday, a new war flared up — the war between Donald J. Trump and the Deep State itself. Many people think this war is real. Donald J. Trump, they believe, is fighting for ‘the people’…and the Deep State is trying to stop him.
Commonwealth bank share price
Why CBA’s Share Price Spiked 1.44% Despite Outage
This wasn’t necessarily a shock. The multinational often sees online outages causing nationwide angst. Yesterday, CBA’s 6.2 million online customers were severely inconvenienced when their money became frozen or non-existent online. Issues ranged from being declined at McDonald’s to having full credit histories wiped.