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Donald Trump

Trump’s Biggest Bombshell

Was Trump’s budget the latest sign of American exceptionalism falling on its sword? Or was it his unique brand of reverse psychology working overtime? Whatever it was, it felt novel, if somewhat ill-advised.
Property Market Gap

There Is No Aussie Housing Affordability Crisis

Today’s Markets & Money comes to you with a problem that doesn’t need fixing. We’re referring to Australia’s ‘phantom’ housing affordability crisis. Where’s all this housing affordability crisis talk coming from? From the government-homeowner tag team, of course. Landowners are calling all the shots. And they have their government foot soldiers supporting them every step of the way.
ASX index

The ASX at 20,000?

The ASX at 20,000? It’s a crazy headline, we know. Crazier still, we left out the most important detail…that it could reach that level in just four years!
Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model

An Ode to Bankers

So, rather than directing another tired invective at the Reserve Bank, today’s Markets & Money is playing the devil’s advocate.
Putting Beggars Out of Business

Putting Beggars Out of Business

You won’t be surprised to hear that Australia is well on its way to becoming a cashless society. But it might shock you to learn how far we’ve already come.
Businessman hands giving money - Australian dollars

The End of Australia?

The End of Australia is a provocative title for a book. It’s alarming. It’s upsetting. And it goes against much of what we hold to be true about this great country of ours.