About Matt Hibbard

While many investors chase quick fire gains, Matt takes a different view. He is focused on two very clear goals. First: How to generate reliable and consistent income in a low-interest rate world. And second, how you can invest today to build wealth over the next 10–15 years.

Matt researches income investments. You can find more of Matt’s work over at Total Income, where he is hunting down the next generation of dividend-paying companies for the future. He is also the editor of Options Trader, where he uses basic options strategies to generate additional streams of income beyond the regular dividend payments.

Having worked for himself and with global firms for almost three decades, Matt has traded nearly every asset in existence. But now he is on a very different mission — to help investors generate income irrespective of what the market is doing. It’s about getting companies to pay you a steady, stable income, with minimal stress and the least risk possible.

Matt doesn’t believe you have the luxury of being a bull or a bear in the market right now. You have to earn an income from it, regardless of whether stocks are going up or down. By getting the financial markets to pay you an income, you can get to focus on more important things than just money.

banking royal commission

The Real Story Behind the Banking Royal Commission

Don’t think for a moment the banks aren’t prepared. While all the political shenanigans have gone back and forth, the banks have been combing over their records to see what else is out there. When the bank executives front up, there is every chance they’ll know about, and be prepared for, whatever comes their way.
investing for growth

Investing Tip: Take Yourself Out of the Box

We are not robots — and because many of us want both growth and value — many stock portfolios bear little resemblance to the way we are supposed to invest. For those of us looking for income out of the stock market, it can be a trap to worry too much about investing styles.
income investing

Why Too Much Income Can Be Bad for You

If you’re on the hunt for income, you’ll be tempted to look for companies with the highest yield. At first glance, a higher yield looks more attractive. However, there are a number of things you need to consider before investing.

How to Make Your Accountant Wince

The good thing about the stock market, however, is that you can grow your wealth without having to keep tipping in your own money. One way you can do this is through a dividend reinvestment plan.
Australian financial markets

30 Years On…Not Much Has Changed

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the bleakest day in ASX history. On 20 October 1987 — 30 years ago exactly — the Australian market crashed by a massive 25%. That figure paints the day in better light than it should.
tourism boom

The Tourism Boom No One Is Talking About

Australia is going through a tourist boom, yet you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone talking about it. Many of the big cap stocks are slugging it out to ratchet up minimal growth. However, there are other less well-known companies that have been investing to capture this growth in international tourists.
REITs investing

Why It Is No Time to Be Dumping REITs

REITs enable investors to own a slice of some of the biggest commercial properties. An investor gains exposure to the property market without all the hassles that come with being a property owner.