Matt Hibbard

While many investors chase quick fire gains, Matt takes a different view. He is focused on two very clear goals. First: How to generate reliable and consistent income in a low-interest rate world. And second, how you can invest today to build wealth over the next 10–15 years. Matt researches income investments. You can find more of Matt’s work over at Total Income, where he is hunting down the next generation of dividend-paying companies for the future. He is also the editor of Options Trader, where he uses basic options strategies to generate additional streams of income beyond the regular dividend payments. Having worked for himself and with global firms for almost three decades, Matt has traded nearly every asset in existence. But now he is on a very different mission — to help investors generate income irrespective of what the market is doing. It’s about getting companies to pay you a steady, stable income, with minimal stress and the least risk possible. Matt doesn’t believe you have the luxury of being a bull or a bear in the market right now. You have to earn an income from it, regardless of whether stocks are going up or down. By getting the financial markets to pay you an income, you can get to focus on more important things than just money.

Why Retail Is Not Dead

There is little doubt that retail is a tough game. Yet despite the bad news, not everyone is doing it so hard. As it has always done, it will continually reinvent itself.

The Fed’s Real Debt Conundrum

The problem is that the Fed is raising rates as emerging markets around the world are tanking. In August, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index marked a 20% fall this year. However, the stock market is…

The Activist Investors Are Only Just Getting Started

The name ‘Elliott’ might sound familiar, particularly if you own shares in BHP Billiton Ltd [ASX:BHP]. The New York based hedge fund, Elliott Management Corp., took a stake in BHP 18 months ago and got to work doing what it does. That is, agitating for change. Elliott is simply the middle name of founder Paul … Read More

What is a Market Maker to Do?

One of the beauty of options is their flexibility. You can apply numerous different strategies to almost any market conditions. Some strategies aim purely to profit from a price move in the underlying shares. Others…

What is Going on With Viva Energy?

Viva plays an important role in powering the national fleet. All up, it supplies around one quarter of the total Australian fuel market. While the name might not sound all that familiar, Viva has already…

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