About Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse is an analyst at Markets and Money.

He has two decades of experience in financial planning, equity analysis and credit markets.

Ryan combines fundamental, technical and economic analysis to identify and invest in good ideas at the appropriate stage of the economic cycle.

He has a strong interest in technology, economic history and disruptive business models.

His focus at the moment is as lead analyst on two of our most recent and innovative investor services, Crash Market Investor and Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network.

He will write about the exciting opportunities for investors to benefit from significant changes in world markets.

He is a member of Fintech Australia, a former member of the Digital Currency Council, and is a fully accredited financial adviser.


Why Every Single Stock in the Biotech Sector Could Go Up

Biotechnology relies on data to conduct research. It’s the key ingredient in the validation process. Big data is not new. But what is new is the addition of blockchain to big data. It’s an intersection of big data, blockchain and biotech. And if it plays out as I think it will, biotech valuations will surge big time.
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Why the Boom Times Could Be Returning

For our heavily weighted mining and banking based stock market, there’s been no real tailwinds to really drive the general index along. Thankfully this could be set to change…
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A World ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ Starts Today

These moments don’t come along very often. But when they do, that’s when exponential returns happen. For the prepared, the informed and the brave. Let me go over one example happening right now.
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Blockchain Is About to Hack the Investment Code

It’s a historic point in time. And, in my opinion, a very exciting one for investors like you. And it completely alters the investment code. Once the professional analysts realise what’s happening, the value of every single blockchain stock goes up.
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Starting Next Week, Blockchain Gets Personal

I’ve taken the helm at Markets & Money this week to give you the background on a big step-change in the blockchain space. A pivotal moment where the bitcoin boom bleeds out into everything else. And it’s a moment that’s going to occur on a specific date in November…

Why Blockchains Will Eat the World

Just like the railways revolutionised the movement of people and goods, blockchains will revolutionise the movement of data. Until now, any transfer of value required a middleman. This one simple change — cutting out the middleman — opens up possibilities no one thought possible.
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Where to Invest Over the Next Decade

Thinking about big trends and who will benefit from them is crucial to making long term investment decisions. The key question right now for investors is what about the next 10 years? To my mind, I believe a resurgence in Australia’s resources sector as well as opportunities in agriculture, education and tourism.
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Big Data Is the New Battleground

We have entered the new era of big data. A massive increase in the volume and speed of information that is stored, recorded, processed and analysed. There are three types of companies that you should investigate in order to potentially make money through data-led investments.