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Sam Volkering is contributing Editor for Markets & Money. He’s also Editor at Money Morning, where he’s the in-house small-cap, tech and cryptocurrency expert. Sam has had a varied a career in economics, finance and financial advice. He’s advised high net-worth individuals on how to invest their wealth and how to best navigate the turmoil-ridden world we live in. After tapping out of the financial planning world, Sam decided to join us and dedicate his working life to finding the most life-changing investment opportunities that exist in the world today. Today he travels the world speaking to and grilling the who’s-who of the investment world. He spends every waking hour uncovering the latest microcap and small-cap stocks, the most revolutionary technologies and the next big opportunities in cryptocurrencies. If you’d like to learn about the specific investments Sam is recommending, you can take a 30-day trial of his small-cap investment advisory Australian Small-Cap Investigator here or a 30-day trial of his industry leading cryptocurrency service, Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network, here. But if that’s not enough, Sam also hunts down revolutionary technology companies. He recommends the best ones he finds in his breakthrough technology investment service, Revolutionary Tech Investor. If the best companies exist in Australia, Sam will find them. If they’re in Silicon Valley, Frankfurt or Tokyo, Sam will find them there too. To find out more about how Revolutionary Tech Investor can help you profit from world-changing opportunities, click here to take a 30-day no-obligation trial today. Websites and financial e-letters Sam writes for: Money Morning Australian Small-Cap Investigator Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network Revolutionary Tech Investor Microcap Trader

The UK Joins the Marijuana Boom

When the Australian government opened the floodgates for medical cannabis it set off a huge investment opportunity. Companies like AusCann [ASX:AC8] and Cann Group [ASX:CAN] have already been huge winners for investors. And we know…

The Marijuana Landslide

There are countries opening their doors to legal marijuana. Many are starting with legal medicinal marijuana. And some — like Uruguay, much of the US and now Canada — are going with legal recreational marijuana,…

Why Putin is Embracing the Cryptocurrency – Ethereum

  You’ll know that all cryptocurrencies are starting to get a lot of attention. Bitcoin is getting most of the press. Yet Ethereum is still relatively unknown to the masses. But the whole idea of cryptocurrency is steadily gaining traction. Ethereum in particular is not only being hailed as the ‘next Bitcoin’, but perhaps even … Read More

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