About Shae Russell

Shae Russell started out in financial markets more than a decade ago. Working with a derivative brokering firm, she helped clients understand derivative markets, as well as teaching them the basics of technical analysis.

Since joining Port Phillip Publishing eight years ago, Shae has worked across a number of publications. She holds the record for the highest-returning stock recommendation, in which a microcap stock returned over 1,200% in six months. Ask her about it, and she won’t stop yapping on.

For the past two years, Shae has worked alongside Jim Rickards as his Australian analyst, translating global macro trends for Aussie investors, and how they can take advantage of these trends.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Shae is the lead editor of Markets & Money. Each day, Shae looks at broad macro trends developing around the world, combining them with her distaste for central banks and irrational love of all things bullion.

air rights
Paved Paradise and Put Up an Apartment Block
‘Air rights’ weren’t a thing in Australia until a few years ago. Even then, it mirrored the US, where air rights were mostly protecting the space around important buildings. Of course, things change. Now air rights mean something more than just views. Instead of paving paradise and putting a parking lot, the new twist is to rip up the parking lot and put in an apartment block.
Myer logo on wall
Is Solomon Lew Gaslighting the Aussie Market?
It’s rumoured that Myer sales bring in about $200 million each year for Soloman Lew’s businesses. But that can’t be confirmed one way or the other. The impact of Lew’s retail investments isn’t known because he is extremely secretive with where his business interests lie. So it’s hard to know what Lew is up to.
falling stacks of coins
What the RBA Gets Wrong About Wages
The issue of stagnant wage increases is finally getting the attention it deserves, both in the mainstream and from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Since 2015, there’s been an optimism at the RBA that as long as employment picked up, wage increases would follow. The problem is, we are entering the fourth year now of dismal wage growth.
tax cuts
Want Higher Pay? ‘Blame the Government’ Says Corporate Australia
Look out Aussie politics, there’s a new battle brewing. Corporate Australia is about to offer you a deal: Reduce the corporate tax rate…and they’ll start paying employees more. The pressure will be on the Aussie government to reduce the corporate tax rate, much as the Trump administration did in the US, with the corporate tax rate in the US falling from 35% to 21%.
wage growth falling in australia
These Three Charts Explain Why You Aren’t Paid More
Is there anything positive to say about wage ‘growth’ in Australia? Over the past year, the charts and analysis have suggested that everything was looking up. Except that it wasn’t. It still isn’t. And it probably won’t be anytime soon.
Financial Engineering Could Crash the Stock Market
Financial Engineering Could Crash the Stock Market
Thanks to the dummy spit the US market threw earlier this week, we got a glimpse at just how far Wall Street will go to make a buck — mostly at your expense, of course. Not happy with giving the world layer after layer of debt, the masters of the banking industry found yet another way to make money.
bitcoin price falling could be a good thing for investors
Why the Falling Bitcoin Price Is Good for Crypto Investors
A crashing bitcoin market has scared many people. But that could be a good thing. It means all the people speculating on cryptos are most likely pulling out of the market. Leaving it wide open to everyone that believes in the long-term potential of this technology.
RBA's next move
The New Central Banking Era of Nothing
The latest minutes release from the RBA was so uneventful that the XJO dropped about seven points in the aftermath. And that’s on a day in which investors were dumping stocks. The RBA is a little too upbeat about economic conditions at present. Things aren’t rosy. And, in my view, it’s unlikely we’ll see rates rise this year.
US market falls are no cause for concern
Why the US Market Fall Is Just Noise
Overnight, the US market threw a tantrum. Both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 did the unthinkable, falling 4.6% and 4.1% respectively. This is important to note. But there’s no need to overreact to this. Instead, watch and learn what’s driving US market movements. While the Aussie market may head down in the interim, I don’t believe there’s much cause for alarm.
russian gold stocks
The New Golden Rule
Repeated international economic sanctions continue to encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to look for new ways to avoid the US dollar. Russia’s increasing gold reserves shouldn’t be ignored. Even though the precious metal isn’t at the centre of the financial system today, gold still equals power. Late last year, however, Russia added a new twist to the story. 
aussie market, stock broker
Beware the Stock Broker on Your Street
Recently, I received a mailing from a company in my inbox. A brochure explained that this company was ‘revolutionising’ the marketplace in Australia. Giving anyone the opportunity to become a ‘financial services broker’ via the franchise model. We’ve got low interest rates in Australia, leaving investors searching for the increasingly-elusive yield elsewhere. Brokerage firms are preparing to ride this boom.
facebook crypto advertising ban
Facebook Wants to Control You
Facebook — while not a country — is the latest in a long line of states and institutions attempting to control the bitcoin market. I find it near impossible to believe Facebook gives two rats about scams and deceptions not operating in good faith. This move by Facebook is all about headlines. It has nothing to do with protecting you.
markets around the world are growing
It’s Midnight and the Market is Doing Shots
Imagine the market was like a party approaching midnight. When the party is in full swing and the tequila is brought out, it’s usually to the tune of roaring approval. But as an investor, it’s time to get going. The party can go on much longer than any one realises. But the question is, do you really want to be drinking tequila after midnight?
aussie retail industry undergoing a seismic shift
Faith in the Temple of Consumerism
While Aussie retail may be stuck going nowhere, it’s only temporary. The next big shift in retail is coming fast. Shopping centres aren’t dead. They are just repositioning themselves.
bitcoin futures
An Important Day for Bitcoin
The first month of bitcoin futures trading has been interesting to say the least. It’s taken place against a backdrop of bitcoin rising 50% in a few weeks, only to fall 50% weeks later. So, what do we know now that bitcoin futures have been around for over a month?