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Vern Gowdie has been involved in financial planning since 1986. In 1999, Personal Investor magazine ranked Vern as one of Australia’s Top 50 financial planners. His previous firm, Gowdie Financial Planning was recognized in 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007, by Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) magazine as one of the top five financial planning firms in Australia. He has been writing his 'Big Picture' column for regional newspapers since 2005 and has been a commentator on financial matters for Prime Radio talkback. His contrarian views often place him at odds with the financial planning profession. Vern is is Founder and Chairman of the Gowdie Family Wealth advisory service, a monthly newsletter with a clear aim: to help you build and protect wealth for future generations of your family. He is also editor of The Gowdie Letter, which aims to help you protect and grow your wealth during the great credit contraction. To have Vern’s enlightening market critique and commentary delivered straight to your inbox, take out a free subscription to Markets and Money here. Official websites and financial eletters Vern writes for:

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How Have We Let Things Get So Bad?

The sound of popping bubbles won’t just be coming from overly-inflated asset prices finding their pin. Those who live in the bubble world of inflated self-worth and an over-estimation of their contribution to society, may…

The End of The Economy Growth Delusion

Every quarter we’re told ‘our economy has grown’, is as a public declaration of another three months of over-indulgence. I believe the day of reckoning on this period of recklessness is coming much faster than…

Two Charts Feeding You Dangerous ‘Fake News’

Even those with a passing interest in investing will have heard or been told, ‘in the long term, the share market always goes up.’ No discussion needed. The evidence is in. Accept the statement as fact. But if you decide to look a little more closely at this ‘statement of fact’, you’ll find the data … Read More

Deflation is Coming

When the crisis — in whatever shape or form it takes — hits, then the hairline cracks in household budgets will turn into chasms. Spending is reined in. Borrowing stops. Defaults mount up. Deflation comes…

Central Bankers Are Hooked on LSD

When the book is written on Tesla’s rapid rise and even more rapid descent, it should be mandatory reading for every budding economist and investment banker…on what awaits those who finance the dreams of brilliant…

Are You a Victim or a Victor?

Our GDP numbers are yet another example of ‘fake news’. All that ‘so-called’ economic growth is nothing more than a reflection of our nation’s willingness to go deeper into debt.

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