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The best investments in 2019 are not always what you think

We’re not just talking about the ASX Top 50 here. Our editors go hunting all over the market, from small cap growth opportunities to resources and the latest in tech and real estate. Regardless of where the investment opportunities present, our aim is always the same. To give you easy to read financial analysis that will improve your investing decisions and grow your wealth.

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Your Best Shot to Cash in on 2019’s Commodities ‘Comeback’

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If you think the days of making BIG money in Aussie mining stocks are gone — you’re dead wrong.Resources expert, Jason Stevenson, says there’s never been a better time than right now to pick up quality miners on the Aussie market.Download this free report now and discover the top 10 Aussie mining stocks that could make you a small fortune in 2019 & beyond.

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The TRUTH about The Aussie Property Market

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What this man reveals about the Australian property market goes against ALL popular commentary. But that’s nothing new — he’s used to causing a stir in the mainstream media. He predicted the 2008 US housing market crash as far back as 2004.

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Harry Dent Boom and Bust

Harry Dent’s latest publication reveals his startling prediction for Australia’s relationship with the US (and our own economic freedom) in the coming years.
David Stockman, Former Reagan Administration Budget Director writes:

‘Harry Dent is actually making a credible argument for why this could literally turn into a modern day civil war and split between the red and blue states — and he sees a similar revolution in many places around the world. Put on your seatbelts! Don’t miss this very factual and controversial book.’

Find out more about Harry Dent’s new book, Zero Hour, here


The Gowdie Letter

Vern Gowdie’s new book is called The End of Australia: The Real Story Behind Australia’s Economic Collapse and What You Can do to Survive It.
Central banks are losing control. Their efforts to prop up asset markets are failing. We’re now entering the endgame. What will the endgame look like? What are the short and long term investment implications? And how can you navigate this period of hyper central banking intervention…and emerge from the other side with a healthy portfolio? Vern Gowdie is one of the few minds in Australia with clear answers to these questions… [more]


Imagine you could see — with clarity — what will happen in the markets over the next few years… You’d know exactly the right time to buy a home or investment property, or profit from a stock market sell-off. You’d have the confidence to invest when others are running scared. In Cycles, Trends & Forecasts, economist and market cycle expert Phillip J Anderson gives you the chance to do just that… [more]

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