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Being a sound investor with a strong portfolio is definitely something that many individuals wish to become.

However, it’s not an easy business to become a part of. One careless mistake can mean the loss of all your investment.

So it’s essential that you do your homework. But where exactly is the course material, so to speak?


The ASX, or Australian Securities Exchange, is the one-stop database for any serious Aussie investor. It oversees and reports all major and minor movements in listed Australian stock, and as such is constantly updating in real time.

Companies must keep the ASX well informed on any share-effecting decisions, purchases, transformations or movements. And their quarterly and annual financial reports and presentations are also made publicly available on this platform.

The ASX is without a doubt the most vital source of information for investors. But it can be quite intimidating — and even confusing — to those with an untrained eye.

Knowing your way around the ASX

From the minute the market opens to the moment it closes, the ASX is tracking the moves in share prices. Sometimes, these moves are predictable even to the most uninformed investor. But more often than not, there are moves which surprise everyone.

And it’s not ideal to be caught off guard when playing the stock market game.

You see, it doesn’t take a genius to notice a move in share price. An accurate Google search will do the job just fine.

But that’s not enough to be a worthwhile investor. Success in this field requires greater insight. It involves being able to anticipate the move before it happens. Or, more accurately, it requires knowing exactly why a move has happened once it occurs.

Essentially, it involves staying completely in the know.

And that’s where we come in…

Staying up to date

The well-trained eyes of our Markets & Money team know exactly where to look on the ASX to ensure you are receiving news of the most recent stock moves before anyone else.

But more than that…

We also give you tips and insight from our well-informed team on how to best navigate your ASX investments. Our editors, with their vast range of expertise, provide a range of opinions on how best to exploit the stock market.

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