Here at Markets and Money we run a sceptical eye over the banks, the credit market and Aussie housing regularly to make sure you’re never vulnerable to the disasters bankers get themselves into all too often.

You’ll find out why central banks don’t always know as much as they let you think. You’ll be fully informed about Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks too. They make up around a quarter of the Aussie share market index. Thanks to their privileged position the big four will continue to be a huge force behind the market.

We’ll keep you updated on whether bank stocks should be part of your portfolio (and the times when you should take your money and run).

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Central bankers
Why Did NAB Shares Fall Today?
Bank giant National Australia Bank Ltd [ASX:NAB] will see further job cuts this week, as six thousand employees have already been let go. This morning their shares dipped by 0.54%. NAB shares have been dropping all throughout 2017 and into …
cash - how safe is it?
How Safe Is Your Cash?
‘How safe is my money?’ If I had a dollar for every email I received about that, I’d be a helluva lot wealthier. The only problem is, where would I put all these extra dollars? In the bank? Under my bed? Buy gold? Cryptos? What a dilemma. There are no guarantees with ANY investment. However, I’m fairly certain the government will do all it can to guarantee its survival.
bank stocks CBA
What Lies Ahead for the Big Bank Stocks?
Banks are the backbone of many investors’ portfolios. Their steady and growing dividends have been a boon for income investors. They are our biggest dividend payers. But could this all be about to change?
The New Central Banking Era of Nothing
The latest minutes release from the RBA was so uneventful that the XJO dropped about seven points in the aftermath. And that’s on a day in which investors were dumping stocks. The RBA is a little too upbeat about economic conditions at present. Things aren’t rosy. And, in my view, it’s unlikely we’ll see rates rise this year.
financial advisers
The Problem with Big Banks and Financial Advisers
Do you go into an Apple store to purchase a Samsung Galaxy? Do you ask the Holden dealer about buying a Ford? Of course not. You know they can only promote and sell their product…irrespective of whether the competition is better or not. But what about financial planning advice?
markets falling by 50%
Markets Set to Fall 50% by 2019
Since 2009 we’ve had a long-term process of money printing that has driven up asset prices and kept interest rates at record lows. In turn, this has created record setting stock markets and property price bubbles. Though if markets don’t slow down or correct by the end of 2018, the 2019 crash could be far worse.
banking restrictions eased in the US
Why Trump Is Easing Banking Restrictions
Donald Trump campaigned to become US President on conflicting promises about big banks. Some of the populist talk followed Trump into office. But clearly, actions speak louder than words. The steps taken by the new government have been towards pure deregulation. This is how the cycle repeats.
feds US economy not as good as it looks
How the Feds Robbed the Working Stiff
When the whole stock market goes up, it must go up against somebody else’s stuff… That is, if investors are getting richer faster than the real growth of goods and services, they must be making someone else poorer. Who? The working stiffs!
property bubble
Aussie Property Under Attack
Today’s article originally published on 21 June, looks at Australia’s sky-high property prices. A growing number of voices are calling for a crash, seemingly at any moment. But you may be surprised with your editor Shae’s conclusions.