US Federal Reserve

The US Federal Reserve — the central bank of the US — sets the most important price in the world, the price of credit.

Discover how a privately owned cartel has hijacked America’s financial system for the benefit of the US government and its banking buddies. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Not everyone sees it like that.

But after reading how ‘the Fed’ floods the world with cheap money, fuelling bubbles all over the world and destabilising the world economy in the articles below, we’d like to hear what you think…

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banking restrictions eased in the US
Why Trump Is Easing Banking Restrictions
Donald Trump campaigned to become US President on conflicting promises about big banks. Some of the populist talk followed Trump into office. But clearly, actions speak louder than words. The steps taken by the new government have been towards pure deregulation. This is how the cycle repeats.
feds US economy not as good as it looks
How the Feds Robbed the Working Stiff
When the whole stock market goes up, it must go up against somebody else’s stuff… That is, if investors are getting richer faster than the real growth of goods and services, they must be making someone else poorer. Who? The working stiffs!
the fed
How the Fed Pulled Off History’s Greatest Larceny
Why does the Fed go along? Why do these economists aid and abet the larceny? We’ve already explained it: All of these foul notions — stimulus…data dependence…demand management — are simply activist claptrap. They allow a smart economist to sound like he knows what he is doing. But they are all nonsense.
feds doomed the US economy
How the Feds Doomed the Economy
Since 1987…and even more so since the 2009 panic…the feds have diddled interest rates. Now, their ultra-low interest rates (often below zero!) have distorted almost every price in capitalism. Prices rose, not because the real economy justified them, but because the water underneath them buoyed them up. Meanwhile, the economy slowed…
US economy crash
How the Fake Boom Ends
If the authorities want to increase the supply of money, the only kind of money supply they can increase is the fake kind. Real money must be earned; like wealth, it cannot be printed.
US Federal Reserve
Fed Begins Its March to Doom
This is a big day in Washington. First, the pols will welcome the new senator from the great state of Alabama. Second, and more pregnant with mischief, Fed chief Janet Yellen will appear before Congress.
interest rates Australia
Why a Rise in Interest Rates Won’t Mean Much
It’s definitely possible that the US and even Australia could lift interest rates in the future. This would cause bond prices to drop and the supply of money to contract. But even if rates were to rise 1%, rates across the developed world would still be extremely low.
cryptocurrency global concept
Welcome to the New World Order
The problem they’ve got is this. The rich can’t buy in to such a ‘small’ market without showing what they are doing this (which would push up prices out of their control). So instead they are trying to make ordinary people write it off, panic sell or fear cryptocurrencies. Or at least not compete with them to buy in. Its economics 101.
feds US economy not as good as it looks
This Is Going to Get Real Ugly
When you throw trillions of freshly-minted dollars at an economy, you’d expect a bounce in the tax take. That’s exactly what happened after 2009. But the chart shows us that something is different this time.
US tax cuts
Tax Cuts for the Rich…Hallelujah!
This new tax scheme doesn’t reduce US government spending by one penny. Ultimately, the money they spend has to come from the productive economy; there’s nowhere else to get it. But why should giving the rich more money stimulate output? Are they having trouble making ends meet? Do they lack capital?
goldilocks economy bear market
Goldilocks Economy Meets the Bear…Again
The actions taken by the Fed after the dotcom bust and the GFC would’ve, in 1999, been deemed to be sheer recklessness…bordering on lunacy. That’s how much the world has changed in the space of two decades. Goldilocks is going to be mauled by another bear…and it’ll be far more ferocious than the one that awoke from hibernation in 2000.
Just Follow the Money
In following the money, we find the wealth created in recent years has been nothing more than an illusion. This illusion can only be maintained if ever more money is printed…making the world’s newest and largest economy for the privileged few even bigger.
US fed stabbing investor in back
Will the Fed Stab Investors in the Back?
Warsh — who resigned as Fed governor in 2011 — says he’d like to get the Fed in position to fight the next downturn…by raising rates now. Instead of having investors’ backs…ready to buy assets when markets turn down…under Warsh, the Fed may become investors’ worst enemy.