US Federal Reserve

The US Federal Reserve — the central bank of the US — sets the most important price in the world, the price of credit.

Discover how a privately owned cartel has hijacked America’s financial system for the benefit of the US government and its banking buddies. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Not everyone sees it like that.

But after reading how ‘the Fed’ floods the world with cheap money, fuelling bubbles all over the world and destabilising the world economy in the articles below, we’d like to hear what you think…

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US fed stabbing investor in back
Will the Fed Stab Investors in the Back?
Warsh — who resigned as Fed governor in 2011 — says he’d like to get the Fed in position to fight the next downturn…by raising rates now. Instead of having investors’ backs…ready to buy assets when markets turn down…under Warsh, the Fed may become investors’ worst enemy.
debt crisis
The Global Debt Bells Are Tolling
The base of the debt pyramid now needs to expand at a multiple of $5 to achieve $1 of growth. If the global debt pyramid — somehow miraculously — is still standing in a decade’s time, it’ll take more than $8 of debt to register a positive reading on the GDP needle. This is madness.
price target
Dow 50,000? Why Not?!
Yes, reflation is coming. And yes, this is an economy that can’t tolerate higher inflation/interest rates. Then with no debt ceiling over Congress…and no hold-the-line president in the White House — the sky’s the limit. Dow 50,000! Why not?!
us economy interest rates
Will the Fed’s Stubbornness Cause a Collapse?
In 2017, the US Federal Reserve has lifted interest rates twice. Stronger employment is their argument to end their decade long bond buying rampage. However, while employment in the US continues to strengthen, inflation remains stubbornly low.
us federal reserve interest rates
Can the US Fed get out of this one?
The US Federal Reserve has left the interest rates unchanged at 1% to 1.25%. No surprise there. The thing is, there is something not quite right in the US economy, so the Fed is hesitant to make any sudden moves.
Obamacare health care system costly
The Evil Genius of Obamacare
Spending more on medical care doesn’t necessarily make people healthier. In fact, it may squander resources, leaving them poorer and more vulnerable.
One percent of the rich, outweighs the 99 percent of the poor
America’s Elites Are on Top of the World
Poor David Brooks… Yesterday, while waiting for one dose of claptrap, we were whacked by another. Fed chief Janet Yellen was scheduled to speak before the House Financial Services Committee on Capitol Hill at 10:00am. Waiting, we read a column …