The Bonner Diaries

Who is Bill Bonner?

In 1978, Bill Bonner founded Agora, Inc. Through Agora Bill shared his ideas in letters delivered to a network of subscribers that he built from the ground up. What started as a small newsletter distribution service, has now expanded to over 40+ companies worldwide, and is still growing!

Bill Bonner is also the two-time New York Times bestselling co-author of Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt. Two highlights in a lifetime of success and commendation.

Today, you can find his thoughts captured in The Bonner Diaries. It is unlike anything else you’ll find in mainstream media. His opinions are as diverse as they are divisive. And through his vast knowledge of politics, economics, and business, He shares this alternate wisdom with his readers.

What are The Bonner Diaries?

The Bonner Diaries are where you can find Bill’s latest musings and insights. It’s not a detailed look at his views of the stock market, or recommendations. Instead, you’ll get something far more valuable, Bill’s truth. Ideas on what is really happening in the financial world, with a healthy dose of irreverence and wit.

For a candid look at the world, have a read of some his latest content. In a time global uncertainty, it’s good to get perspective on what really matters.

Gold Chart 4
Why Gold Goes Up
Gold dropped sharply yesterday. The yellow metal fell about 1% to as low as $1,236. A ‘fat finger’ was blamed, meaning it was probably a mistake.
Is Trump a Modern Caesar?
Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, another Trump supporter, took up the parallel, explaining that his man was being stabbed in the back by Deep State insiders.
Eulogy for My Mother
Eulogy for My Mother
People started arriving an hour before the funeral. After a few hymns and readings, your editor took the pulpit to share a eulogy for his mother.
A Family Revelation
A Family Revelation
Markets have been calm over the Thanksgiving holiday. Americans — distracted by friends and family — had better things to do than panic.
A Bedtime Story
A Bedtime Story
We are explaining our money system to our grandson, James, now 14 months old. He seems to understand that money is not wealth.
The Idea of America
The Idea of America
As Bill mentioned yesterday, he is currently with family and unable to pen his daily Diary. Today, we share a classic essay that explores a timeless subject: What makes America unique?
police lights
An Unexpected Return Home
Sitting in a café with a bandaged face, we discussed the revolutionaries’ strategy with a young French intellectual of Trotskyite tendencies.