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You won’t find a take on economics, modern life and ideas quite like the Bonner Diaries.

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‘The Donald’ at Bat
If ‘The Donald’ were to propose real reform, it would bring the whole Deep State down on his head with a ferocity never before seen in American politics.
Where to Put Your Money Now
Now we find ourselves making money. What to do with it? Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Gold? Real estate? Let’s back up and work through the choices…
Charged by an Enraged Bull
The economy is not growing at a ‘moderate speed’. Officially, per capita growth is less than 1% a year. What kind of ‘oomph’ is that?
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‘High Noon’ for Stocks
The bright sun is at its zenith. Only twice in history has the sun been higher in the sky, he says — 1929, 1999…both before major stock market plunges.
Fake News from the Fed
The Fed fiddles with short-term interest rates…President Trump tweets a threat to the Freedom Caucus…the GOP proposes a new health-care plan…
The Empire Needs an Emperor
This leaves power in the hands of a special group of insiders — the Deep State. Collectively, this group might see that the empire is headed for destruction.