The Bonner Diaries

Who is Bill Bonner?

Bill Bonner is an American author with a focus on modern finance and investments. He founded Agora, Inc. in 1978 as a small publishing company.

Since then, Agora has grown into one of the largest independent publishing companies in America.

Bill has written two New York Times bestsellers, Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt. His latest book, Hormegeddon, is an examination of government policy and political and financial mistakes of the past.

He has also been a daily contributor of Markets & Money since 1999.

The Bonner Diaries

Today, you can find Bill’s thoughts captured in The Bonner Diaries. It is unlike anything else you’ll find in the mainstream media. His opinions are as diverse as they are divisive. You won’t get a detailed look at the stock market; instead you’ll get Bill’s recommendations and insights into the current financial world through his vast knowledge of politics, economics, and business.

For a candid look at the world, have a read of some his latest content below.

Bad News for Our ‘Sh*thole Portfolio’

Today is a holiday in France. The Feast of the Assumption. The 15th of August recalls the day when the Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven. It also typically marks a change in the weather. The locals say the heat of summer tends to end on the 15th. Pretty country To mark the occasion, we … Read More

Are Interest Rates Evil?

Erdoğan is a ‘strongman’ president, recently sworn in for a five-year term with enhanced powers. Among the enhancements was the right to control the central bank by appointing its directors. The trouble with strongman governments…

How to Buy a Million Gallons of Gas for a Dollar

The delusional, rock ’em, sock ’em, baroque news just keeps coming. We laugh readily, but even we are having a hard time keeping up. American grifters Forbes claims that our Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, may be ‘one of the biggest grifters in American history.’ He stands accused, by a long list of former associates, of … Read More

Did We Underestimate Trump?

Mr. Trump has nothing to be ashamed of. At least, insofar as macroeconomics is concerned; Barack Obama didn’t know anything about it, either. It’s not a job requirement. And few politicians have the time or…

How ‘Devilish Theories’ Return to America

Yesterday, we guessed that The Donald would back down on his threat to impose a 25% tariff on Chinese goods coming into the US. Not because it would be a $50 billion tax on his own base — consumers who are already living close to the edge. The president’s fans are solid. They will not … Read More

The End of the Republican Party

Charles Koch, for dear readers who don’t know him, runs the multinational company that bears his name. He is a very traditional conservative with a libertarian bent. His goal is a small government with short…

How $9 Trillion Disappears

The trade-weighted average tariff between the world’s three biggest economies — Europe, the US, and China — is less than 2%. Completely eliminating tariffs wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. Besides, so far, the…

How the Republic Ends

The common man can never take the time to understand international capital flows, trade policy particulars, or the real risks to national security. More and more, he relies on his elites — permanent, professional experts…

The FAANGs Will Crash

The tech companies are all, more or less, in the entertainment business. The model is not much different from magazines. They capture readers’ attention with lurid pictures, fake news, gaudy prose, and misleading information —…

Trump’s Farm Bailout Is Win-Lose

America’s president proposed yesterday to bail out the farm sector with $12 billion in welfare payments. Naturally, the president feels some responsibility in the matter, since it was he who put the hayseeds under water.…

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