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Who is Bill Bonner?

In 1978, Bill Bonner founded Agora, Inc. Through Agora Bill shared his ideas in letters delivered to a network of subscribers that he built from the ground up. What started as a small newsletter distribution service, has now expanded to over 40+ companies worldwide, and is still growing!

Bill Bonner is also the two-time New York Times bestselling co-author of Financial Reckoning Day and Empire of Debt. Two highlights in a lifetime of success and commendation.

Today, you can find his thoughts captured in The Bonner Diaries. It is unlike anything else you’ll find in mainstream media. His opinions are as diverse as they are divisive. And through his vast knowledge of politics, economics, and business, He shares this alternate wisdom with his readers.

What are The Bonner Diaries?

The Bonner Diaries are where you can find Bill’s latest musings and insights. It’s not a detailed look at his views of the stock market, or recommendations. Instead, you’ll get something far more valuable, Bill’s truth. Ideas on what is really happening in the financial world, with a healthy dose of irreverence and wit.

For a candid look at the world, have a read of some his latest content. In a time global uncertainty, it’s good to get perspective on what really matters.

The Bonner Diaries
History: More Fake News
History is jammed with fake news, too. The bare facts may be reported correctly. But facts lack all sense and meaning unless there is context. In addition to the ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘when’, you need a ‘why’. And the ‘why’ is almost always so distorted by time, delusion, and wishful thinking that the meaning is more myth than reality.
Why Trump Can’t Cure America
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) now predicts that the US government debt load will be worse than Italy’s by 2023. This will put America in second place, just behind Japan, in the race to go broke. It is expected to have a debt/GDP ratio of 117%.
google ban on agora
Why Google Threatened to Ban Us
Some readers found our thoughts ‘offensive’. Among them were some who work for the giant search engine Google. They said they were considering banning us from their network! Where are they going with this, we wondered...
deficits and the US economy
Why Deficits ‘Don’t Matter’
Deficits used to draw down the nation’s savings. That’s because the feds had to borrow to fill in the hole. And when you borrowed, you borrowed what someone else had saved. No more. The new dollar and the Fed’s low interest rates made real savings irrelevant. The Fed dropped interest rates to make saving unattractive…and covered the deficits with fake savings — credit it invented ‘out of thin air’; it bought US Treasury bonds itself.
America: The Next Venezuela
America: The Next Venezuela
As we write, a classic catastrophe is developing in Venezuela. The bolívar — the Venezuelan currency — is expected to lose about 99.99% of its value this year. How do these crises happen? Slowly…and then all of a sudden. That process is already well underway in America.
bitcoin price crash
Bitcoin Works!
The crypto market is no stranger to big numbers. Filecoin raised $187 million in one hour in its ICO. Ark — a ‘blockchain platform’ — went up 1,000 times. Nano, whatever that is, rose 3,747 times, transforming an initial investment of $500 into $1.8 million. And there may be more big gains coming in the crypto space. Very, very few people own cryptos. They represent a tiny percentage of money transactions.
Trump’s Deal with the Deep State
Then, no sooner had we all relaxed when, on Sunday, a new war flared up — the war between Donald J. Trump and the Deep State itself. Many people think this war is real. Donald J. Trump, they believe, is fighting for ‘the people’…and the Deep State is trying to stop him.
Donald Trump and the Deep State war against the world
The War the Deep State Doesn’t Want to Win
That’s fine for a fake war, right? If there’s not really anything at stake, you don’t have to worry about winning. It is now a Deep State requirement that the president gets behind the foreign wars. That means a bigger budget for the military…and more misadventures overseas.
china and US
Trump and China Are on the Same, Wrong Side
In one corner, we have The American Dreamer: the Blond Bombshell himself, Donald J. Trump. In the other, there is Xi Jinping of the Great Red Hope, determined not to be the Last Emperor of the Middle Kingdom. Pretending to do battle, both are really on the same team…working together towards the same goal — separating the fans from their money.
US economy being punched
The Economy Will Lose a Few Teeth…
Guggenheim investment fund’s global chief investment officer Scott Minerd predicts a 40% decline for the Dow…mostly in 2019. He says the US economy is on a ‘collision course with disaster’. He’s right — at least about the ‘collision course’.
China flag, international trade war
Why Stocks Will Be Body-Slammed
During the legendary 1998 wrestling match known as ‘Hell in a Cell’, two professional wrestlers faced off: ‘The Undertaker’ and Mick Foley, aka ‘Mankind’. The idea was for the two to do their usual stunts — poking, whacking, tossing, and …
Merged flag of USA and China. Representing the trade war.
People Lose. Swamp Wins
A phony war on terror that has been going on since 2003. A phony war on poverty that has been going on since 1964. A phony war on drugs that has been going on since 1971…And now…a phony trade war, too! This phony trade war has the potential to blow up, too, big time. Over the next few days, we’ll explore why that is so.
US stocks
The Best Bet for US Stocks
Logically, if falling interest rates sent stocks up…interest rate increases should send them back down. And already, they have. The Nasdaq is negative for 2018. The Dow has moved about 8% below its peak. And if we’re right about the general direction of things, theory tells us that interest rates ought to continue going up…and stocks ought to continue going down.
Donald Trump US Economy
What Trump’s Quack Economists Will Do Next
Yesterday, stock markets bounced back in the afternoon, after investors began to think that maybe Donald Trump wasn’t really serious about a trade war. One day, perhaps soon, they won’t be in such a good mood. And the market won’t bounce back. Not that the end is necessarily nigh…but, in theory, it must be out there somewhere.