You might think the currency market is an orderly process for exchanging dollars, yen and euros as trade settles around the world.

Learn why it’s more accurate to think of the currency market as a freewheeling, unregulated and dynamic zone open to interventions, rigging and fixes.

It can lead to all sorts of traps for the unwary investor. Brokers, investment firms, speculators and central banks are all trying to get the market going their way. We try to make sure you’re on the right side of the trade.

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Italian flag with coins representing Italy's debt
Italy Throws a Spanner on EU’s Plans
It’s been over a week since the Italian election. The French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, were planning for more integration. They want to continue with a banking union to protect members in case of another financial crisis.
bitcoin crypto money
Is This the Future of Money?
In a crisis, cash is king. But with physical cash disappearing, we are losing control over our own money. Cryptos, being outside of the system, could give you another option to access cash to buy necessities or move money in a time of crisis.
cryptos still alive
Is There a Future for Cryptos?
All appears quiet in the world of crypto. The roaring optimism we saw last year has died down considerably. Though, right now, new cryptos are popping up all the time. Blockchain innovations are even more prevalent. Clearly, the crypto market is still alive and kicking.
bitcoin dead?
Is Bitcoin Dead?
The truth is that bitcoin divides the financial community. US Securities and Exchange Commission may be cracking down on ICOs, but the crypto space doesn’t care. The fact that institutions like Goldman Sachs are investing in the crypto space and blockchain could mean that they are here to stay.
bitcoin price falling could be a good thing for investors
Why the Falling Bitcoin Price Is Good for Crypto Investors
A crashing bitcoin market has scared many people. But that could be a good thing. It means all the people speculating on cryptos are most likely pulling out of the market. Leaving it wide open to everyone that believes in the long-term potential of this technology.
cryptocurrencies and the history of money
Cryptocurrencies and the History of Money
Throughout history, people have trusted forms of money when those around them have trusted the same value. This trust is enhanced when people can rely on regulatory authorities to keep the system above board. It’s ironic. Cryptocurrencies were invented as a medium of exchange outside the system. Bringing them back into the system with regulatory controls may be the very thing necessary to ensure public confidence.
bitcoin dead?
Manias and Myths
There’s nothing more mythical than a booming market. With cryptos now re-entering Earth’s orbit, where are the ‘bitcoin to $1 million' headlines? All but gone. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only thing different about the current mania is the cast. The plot is still the same…easy come, easy go.
russian gold stocks
The New Golden Rule
Repeated international economic sanctions continue to encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to look for new ways to avoid the US dollar. Russia’s increasing gold reserves shouldn’t be ignored. Even though the precious metal isn’t at the centre of the financial system today, gold still equals power. Late last year, however, Russia added a new twist to the story. 
crypto wars
The Great Crypto War
Ever since cryptocurrencies made their mainstream debut, they’ve been polarising to say the least. In response to crypto mania, companies in the tech and finance industries have split off into two staunchly opposed camps.
facebook crypto advertising ban
Facebook Wants to Control You
Facebook — while not a country — is the latest in a long line of states and institutions attempting to control the bitcoin market. I find it near impossible to believe Facebook gives two rats about scams and deceptions not operating in good faith. This move by Facebook is all about headlines. It has nothing to do with protecting you.
bitcoin futures
An Important Day for Bitcoin
The first month of bitcoin futures trading has been interesting to say the least. It’s taken place against a backdrop of bitcoin rising 50% in a few weeks, only to fall 50% weeks later. So, what do we know now that bitcoin futures have been around for over a month?
US dollar falling
The Demise of the US Dollar
The US bull market really began in 2009, eight years before Trump came into power. Trump continues to take all the glory for the US stock market. Yet he’s ignoring the value of the almighty dollar falling on his watch. Since Trump took over the White House in January last year, the US dollar has rapidly lost value against other major currencies.
financial system bitcoin outweighing dollar
The Old Financial System Is Dead
Whether or not cryptocurrencies are the answer to the banking system’s many flaws remains to be seen. But the attempts by governments to quell the rise of this technology only speaks to the bourgeoning power of this asset class. What we do know for certain is that the financial sector is in a state of flux, and change is occurring rapidly.
bitcoin dead?
The Great Crypto Crash of 2018
When everyone starts calling anything a bubble, in my view, it’s just the opposite. What we are seeing today is a pullback in the price of cryptocurrencies. Largely coming on the back of what the South Korean government may or may not do. This isn’t the start of any bubble popping. But it may become known as the ‘great crypto crash of 2018’ in time.