You might think the currency market is an orderly process for exchanging dollars, yen and euros as trade settles around the world.

Learn why it’s more accurate to think of the currency market as a freewheeling, unregulated and dynamic zone open to interventions, rigging and fixes.

It can lead to all sorts of traps for the unwary investor. Brokers, investment firms, speculators and central banks are all trying to get the market going their way. We try to make sure you’re on the right side of the trade.

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Where the Old Gods Went
If bitcoin or one of its rivals turns out to be the 21st-century wampum that proponents suggest, early adopters could become very rich. If they don’t perform as expected, on the other hand, late arrivals will lose money.
Invest in Gold
Why I’m Sticking with Gold…
Cryptocurrencies are not an investment. And not yet a convenient or reliable form of money. They are still just an experiment. A work in progress. Early adopters could get rich…or get wiped out.
Why Bitcoin Soars
And yet bitcoin…as money…is more real than the dollar. Like other real things, it is a prisoner of time.
Get Ready for a Boom in Cryptocurrencies
Get Ready for a Boom in Cryptocurrencies
Buyers today could be the ones to benefit from the very thing that is stopping wide-scale buying. When it does become easier to get around this, we could be ready to enter the third stage of the cryptocurrency boom…