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As a practicing investor, you would like to think that you are well informed with what’s going on in the financial world, that you know exactly how your investments are travelling, and where they are likely to end up.

But the fact is, it’s near impossible to be able to anticipate every single financial event that occurs all across the globe.

The scope of the financial world

It may be surprising to hear that financial news involves much more than the value of the dollar, or the value of a stock. It also involves everything that affects these values.

These factors range from political agendas and motives, to something as simple as a bad bout of weather that destroys the supply of an in-demand material.

In short, the world of finance is so volatile and sensitive that almost any type of news can cause an impact.

Finance at a glance

There have been a few recent waves in the finance universe which are causing ripple effects across the globe, and are ripening in Australia.

Right now, for instance, we’re in the midst of a resources boom. Our very own gold mines are seeing huge returns in recent years. And Silver Lake has harvested record-breaking amounts of high-grade, investment-worthy silver.

And there’s also been notable movements in less glamorous materials. Oil is growing to be one of our most sacred commodities. But because of this scarily high demand — both domestically and across the globe — the fluctuations in oil prices have been astronomical.

From a financial perspective, this is resulting in oil companies seeking funding for reserve expansions and upgraded materials.

And this is just the tip of the financial news iceberg.

How to stay well-informed

Here at Markets & Money, we pride ourselves on being sufficient in scanning the entire financial news platform, and focusing on the aspects that affect the Aussie market most significantly.

With daily updates from our financial experts, you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

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