Governments manipulate mainstream inflation statistics in Australia and the world over.

If you’re tired of being told inflation is low when your bills keep going higher and higher, we’ll reveal all the government’s dirty tricks that aim to keep you in the dark.

But you can also discover there’s more to inflation than rising consumer prices and why you need to prepare your wealth for both inflationary and deflationary threats. See more below.

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GFC All Over Again?

The important point NOW is that the Home Construction Index peaked in late January. Since then, it’s fallen 36% into late October. I believe this second bubble burst will be worse than the last one.

Deflation is Coming

When the crisis — in whatever shape or form it takes — hits, then the hairline cracks in household budgets will turn into chasms. Spending is reined in. Borrowing stops. Defaults mount up. Deflation comes…

Fragile and Under Threat

The IMF noted there are worries about higher oil prices. There is turmoil in many of the oil exporting countries, like Venezuela, Libya and Iran. The US has withdrawn this year from the Iranian nuclear…

Australian Banks Have a Problem

Higher mortgage rates will mean that households face higher mortgage costs, which could decrease savings growth even more. Higher rates with no wage growth could also mean that borrowers applying for new loans face higher…

Ike Was Right!

Our working hypothesis is that General Eisenhower was right. There were two big temptations to the American Republic of the 1950s; subsequent generations gave in to both of them.

Bitcoin to Zero?

Bitcoin could very well not exist in 100 years…but, so what? Throughout history many currencies have gone bust. Some even in a relatively short period.

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