Japanese Economy

Discover why the Japanese economy is still a key player in the world even after twenty years of on and off again recession.

Learn how Japan’s economy is the test case for nearly every Western economic disease: low growth, an ageing population, zero bound interest rates, a bloated bond market and a deflationary bias.

Will the launch of the inflationary ‘Abenomics’ stimulus program prove to be a cure worse than the disease? The debate is on. See why here…

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intellectual property
Intellectual Property: The Income Stream That Keeps on Giving
To fund its ageing population, Japan is again seeking to innovate. But it is doing it in a different way. Japan is not just aiming to make and sell more goods. It is also looking at another way to generate income from its engineering skills. And it all has to do with intellectual property (IP).
china and japan flags
China: The New Japan
When Japan’s bubble burst in the 1990s, our economy was saved by China’s economic transformation. Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, Australia was a major beneficiary of China’s grand plan. When China’s bubble bursts — and it almost certainly will — there’s no other Asian saviour to prop up our debt-laden economy waiting in the wings.
Japan sticker
Japan: The Land That Forgot Time
The plan in Japan, as elsewhere, was the same old formula: create fake money…lend it at super-low rates…drive up inflation…and incite the public to spend and invest. The whole idea is preposterous.