Japanese Economy

Discover why the Japanese economy is still a key player in the world even after twenty years of on and off again recession.

Learn how Japan’s economy is the test case for nearly every Western economic disease: low growth, an ageing population, zero bound interest rates, a bloated bond market and a deflationary bias.

Will the launch of the inflationary ‘Abenomics’ stimulus program prove to be a cure worse than the disease? The debate is on. See why here…

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The Death of a Dream, Part One

Our view is based purely on demographics, and it is more extreme than that: By 2024, the home ownership dream as a means to wealth will be DEAD! This is not a theory. It has…

China: The New Japan

When Japan’s bubble burst in the 1990s, our economy was saved by China’s economic transformation. Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, Australia was a major beneficiary of China’s grand plan. When China’s bubble bursts…

Japan: The Land That Forgot Time

The plan in Japan, as elsewhere, was the same old formula: create fake money…lend it at super-low rates…drive up inflation…and incite the public to spend and invest. The whole idea is preposterous.

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