European Economy

Stay informed about the latest developments in the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone and the European economy.

Trouble usually equals opportunity for the investor. Whether it means picking up shares on the cheap or real estate in the doghouse — perhaps even the euro when it’s ‘on sale’ — don’t discount Europe’s economy from your investing radar.

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gold bull market
Italy to Spark the Coming Gold Bull Market
To be honest, most people are downplaying the vote. There’s a serious risk that we’ll see a referendum by year’s end. I believe Italy will hold a referendum to leave the Eurozone this year. You can’t ignore the majority of Italians voted for Eurosceptic parties.
Italian flag with coins representing Italy's debt
Italy Throws a Spanner on EU’s Plans
It’s been over a week since the Italian election. The French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, were planning for more integration. They want to continue with a banking union to protect members in case of another financial crisis.
Another Government Scam
Another Government Scam
Governments are always finding ways to make life expensive, difficult, inefficient and unproductive. Particularly the French government...
Ambushed by <em>Originarios</em>
Ambushed by Originarios
Now, almost every large property in the valley is for sale. But there are no buyers. No investors. Who would want to take on so much trouble…and so much risk? Progress here has slowed down. In one of the poorest parts of South America, people are getting poorer.