Bond Markets

Find out if you should be considering investing in bonds.

Billions of dollars transact in the debt markets every day. It’s how governments finance their deficits and companies raise money. But there are opportunities for you to trade and invest as part of the bond market.Learn how you can profit from both income and capital gains. Inflation is a major threat to bond investors and we keep you up to date on interest rates.

In this period of high government deficits and low growth, see why investors and governments have one eye on the bond market and another on the exit door.

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A Government for Old People
In the past, politicians could bribe older voters with ‘social welfare’ spending. As long as the economy grew fast enough, there was no problem.
Trumpism = Inflation
More spending…more stimulus…more inflation. Buenos Aires, here we come! Or maybe even Harare. Inflation could become hyperinflation.
Stocks up Following Trump’s Victory — For Now
The US government is US$19 trillion in debt. Under a Trump presidency, that debt will only grow. Perhaps faster than ever. The market is building up to one huge stimulus-induced boom. So buy certain stocks while you can. It won’t last.