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  • With so much wealth created in world markets every day, why limit your focus to Australia?

    No longer do you have to be restricted to Australia’s dominant industries of natural resources and finance. And online brokers have made accessing overseas stocks incredibly easy.

    Think of the potential for your wealth. You can find the best tech companies in the US. There’s the biggest brands with global markets Europe has to offer. You can tap into companies profiting from China’s emerging middle class. You can make money from offshore oil plays in Brazil and East Africa.

    Globally, there’s an amazing amount of opportunities you can profit from. And don’t forget that the periodic upheavals around the world offer fire sale real estate opportunities. Read on to see the potential…

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    global markets
    Dr Doom Brought to You from the Grand Hyatt Melbourne
    ‘Doctor Doom’ Marc Faber is down in Melbourne to discuss where the world is heading. Is a stock market crash on the cards? Or is it something else? ‘Where is the World Going?’ was the theme of Dr Faber’s presentation today. And around the world we went. Dr Faber had so much to say, we can’t fit everything in. But Dr Faber is quite well versed in the Chinese economy...
    US economy being punched
    The Economy Will Lose a Few Teeth…
    Guggenheim investment fund’s global chief investment officer Scott Minerd predicts a 40% decline for the Dow…mostly in 2019. He says the US economy is on a ‘collision course with disaster’. He’s right — at least about the ‘collision course’.
    US stocks
    The Best Bet for US Stocks
    Logically, if falling interest rates sent stocks up…interest rate increases should send them back down. And already, they have. The Nasdaq is negative for 2018. The Dow has moved about 8% below its peak. And if we’re right about the general direction of things, theory tells us that interest rates ought to continue going up…and stocks ought to continue going down.
    share market going up and down
    Why the Share Market Goes Up or Down
    The reason why the stock market goes up or down in the long term has very little to do with ‘trade wars’ or ‘tech stocks’ or ‘higher earnings’ or ‘terror attacks’ or ‘interest rates’. These are the symptoms NOT the cause. Markets are driven by social mood…our collective state of mind.
    online privacy
    Free Yourself from the Internet
    In the wake of these discouraging few weeks, now is the time to reconsider our attachment to the digital world. As internet users and investors, it’s always valuable to take some time away from the flashing screens and turbulent charts in order to return to the markets refreshed and astute.
    Donald Trump US Economy
    What Trump’s Quack Economists Will Do Next
    Yesterday, stock markets bounced back in the afternoon, after investors began to think that maybe Donald Trump wasn’t really serious about a trade war. One day, perhaps soon, they won’t be in such a good mood. And the market won’t bounce back. Not that the end is necessarily nigh…but, in theory, it must be out there somewhere.
    bullish gold market
    A Gold Bull Market Lurks in the Shadows
    Gold will surge to the highest level in five years if a global trade war breaks out, according to Rick Rule, chief executive officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc. Rick Rule is a smart businessman and successful investor. He’s been around for decades in the resources sector. When he talks, you listen carefully.
    opioid pills spilled out of bottle
    Solving the Drug Crisis with…More Drugs?
    The United States are in the middle of an opioid epidemic. If you are not familiar with opioids, they are a type of drug that can be very addictive. These can include legal painkillers and illegal drugs. The opioid crisis has become so bad that US President Donald Trump has declared it a national health emergency.
    secular markets
    What’s a Secular Market?
    To prevent the system from going into ‘cardiac arrest’, more and more debt is required each and every year. History clearly tells us this is not sustainable. Within the debt supercycle, there are long-term market cycles. These are called ‘secular markets’. If you haven’t heard this term before, you’re not alone. However, you need to know how secular markets can create or destroy wealth.
    Stocks Are Headed for a Thunderstorm
    Everybody knows that this is now the second-longest stock market boom in history…and the second-longest economic expansion. Everybody also knows that all expansions come to an end and bull markets always turn into bear markets.
    gold price rally
    This is Why the Gold Price Could Rally
    The global economies may be growing in sync for the first time in 10 years, but it may not last long. Gold is used as a hedge in times of turbulence and uncertainty. And as a hedge against inflation and risk. Moreover, gold could rally if trade tensions between the US and China keep up.
    Why Wall Street’s Seasoned Pros Are Jumping Ship
    Why Wall Street’s Seasoned Pros Are Jumping Ship
    The US Federal Government itself has cut taxes, forcing it to cover its shortfall by borrowing nearly $1 trillion in 2018. Who will buy bonds? At what price? Most likely, no one will buy…unless rates rise to make it worth their while. Most likely, rates will rise. Most likely, asset prices will fall. And some of Wall Street’s most seasoned pros are bailing out.