Politics and History

Our editors look back to previous periods in politics and history to discover the parallels with today’s market and how this can help your investing.

History doesn’t repeat, as writer Mark Twain once wrote, but it rhymes. For an entertaining and informative romp through financial disasters and bull markets of yesteryear, plus the legendary investors who made a fortune and the foolish knaves who lost their shirts, read on…

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US economy crash
How the Fake Boom Ends
If the authorities want to increase the supply of money, the only kind of money supply they can increase is the fake kind. Real money must be earned; like wealth, it cannot be printed.
US Federal Reserve
Fed Begins Its March to Doom
This is a big day in Washington. First, the pols will welcome the new senator from the great state of Alabama. Second, and more pregnant with mischief, Fed chief Janet Yellen will appear before Congress.
GOP tax bill
The GOP Tax Bill Is a Deep State Scam
With Mr Trump in the White House…Congress in session…the ‘Eye in the Sky’ of 17 spook organisations…three generals at Mr Trump’s right hand…and Janet Yellen and her merry band of crack economists on his left...what’s to worry about?
market crash predictions
How Skyscrapers Predict Market Crashes
What we are starting to see is a mid-cycle peak. Phil explains that this has happened all throughout history. But most people are likely to mistake it for a market top. When, in reality, it may only be a half-way point.
Australian super
Aussie Super Could Be in the Political Crosshairs
Australian super is in a marvellous spot right now. It’s now a $2.3 trillion industry and is expected to reach $3 trillion in three years’ time. But the big unknown in all of this is politics. Especially with a recent surge of populist figureheads showing up around the world.
white house trump
The White House Has Lost Control
So, you’d expect to see Team Trump taking charge. But instead, it shirks. Rather than take the lead, it asks Congress to sweat the Iranian nuclear deal, to trim up Obamacare, and prune the tax code…and so forth.
USA economy
The Swamp Has Won
We’re executing a wide flanking movement, trying to round up as many ‘dots’ as possible to get a fuller, more accurate view of what is really going on. In particular, we’re trying to understand why the US government doesn’t work the way it’s ‘s’posed’ to.
financial markets
Something Drastic Has to Happen For Markets to Fall
Surprisingly, tension between North Korea and the US has done nothing to dim investors’ confidence.  Even as missiles fly over Japan’s head, investors continue to buy equities. A reasonable explanation for why investors continue to buy, is because they’re not fazed by bad news.
US economy
The Real Deep State Candidate
Why did voters and investors turn their lonely eyes to a reality TV star…and put their trust and faith in a bombastic huckster, rather than a more conventional scallywag? In short, the fix was in…and Mr Market knew it.
Trump Twitter
Is Trump a Genius?
Most public figures are, at least in part, scoundrels. It would be an amazing thing — especially in America — if Mr Trump were an exception. He’s part of what makes it such a pleasure to be an American. The show never ends…
Why You Should Buy Copper Stocks Now Before the Next Global War
With global tensions rising by the day, there’s a good chance the world’s heading towards another war. Copper is arguably more important than any other metal when it comes to military applications. It’s a vital component in ammunition, ships, tanks, helicopters, rifles and thousands of other military supplies.
US economy
The Greatest Mystery of the 21st Century
US economy is running at about one-half to one-third of the rate of growth during the 1960s and 1970s. And by our estimation, more than half the country has been in a depression for the entire 21st century.
Australian government facial recognition laws
Your Identity Belongs to the Australian Government Now
Today, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will put his case to the Council of Australian Governments to demand that all Australian states and territories hand over their entire database of drivers’ licences under the pretence of strengthening national security laws.