Politics and History

Our editors look back to previous periods in politics and history to discover the parallels with today’s market and how this can help your investing.

History doesn’t repeat, as writer Mark Twain once wrote, but it rhymes. For an entertaining and informative romp through financial disasters and bull markets of yesteryear, plus the legendary investors who made a fortune and the foolish knaves who lost their shirts, read on…

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Marriage: Win-Win or Win-Lose?
Marriage: Win-Win or Win-Lose?
Win-win deals — the marriage of man and wife, connecting of buyer with seller — are not only what make the world go round. They also push it forward.
pension fund crisis
Right Prediction…Wrong Headline…Shorter Timeframe
‘It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.’ – Yogi Berra When you’re in the predicting business, you really do appreciate the irony in that quote. However, there are times when some predictions are far easier to make than …
Obamacare health care system costly
The Evil Genius of Obamacare
Spending more on medical care doesn’t necessarily make people healthier. In fact, it may squander resources, leaving them poorer and more vulnerable.
One percent of the rich, outweighs the 99 percent of the poor
America’s Elites Are on Top of the World
Poor David Brooks… Yesterday, while waiting for one dose of claptrap, we were whacked by another. Fed chief Janet Yellen was scheduled to speak before the House Financial Services Committee on Capitol Hill at 10:00am. Waiting, we read a column …
The fed and new plan to hike interest rates
How Dumb Is the Fed?
The Fed has begun a ‘tightening cycle’. It is on course to raise its key interest rate, little by little, in quarter-point increments.
government scam - needless spending
Another Government Scam
Governments are always finding ways to make life expensive, difficult, inefficient and unproductive. Particularly the French government...