Politics and History

Our editors look back to previous periods in politics and history to discover the parallels with today’s market and how this can help your investing.

History doesn’t repeat, as writer Mark Twain once wrote, but it rhymes. For an entertaining and informative romp through financial disasters and bull markets of yesteryear, plus the legendary investors who made a fortune and the foolish knaves who lost their shirts, read on…

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Has Gold Bottomed Out?
End of the correction in gold? We’ll have to wait to see. But we may not have to wait long to find out what’s happening in the gold market. If the economic news turns bad, gold’s outlook could turn good — fast.
Remembering the War Dead
Yesterday was the day set aside for us to remember our war dead. Today we turn our thoughts to Vicksburg... which gave the country enough corpses to remember.
The Siege of Vicksburg
What kind of an investor would put his money in the stock market now? A fool? Or a realist? Let's return to our report from Vicksburg...
Lest We Forget
In honour of Anzac Day, we turn today's Daily Reckoning over to George D Mitchell and his eyewitness account of the retreat from Bullecourt.