Energy Markets

21st Century energy is on the brink of change.

Energy markets and the commodity exchanges dealing with the trade and supply of energy are integral to the Australian economy.

Base-load power sources, plants that operate continuously to deliver power to billions of people around the world, are the backbone of society.

But with governments pushing supply toward zero-carbon energy, much of the world we know could soon be powered by not one, but multiple new energy sources.

The old ways are out.

For that reason, rest assured, our editors are always keeping one step ahead. They frequently analyse the movers and shakers in the energy market and deliver the latest news straight to you.

So, what kind of changes are we seeing?

Ninth Largest Energy Producer

According to the Australian Energy Statistics, Australia is currently the world’s ninth largest energy producer, accounting for around 2.5% of the world’s energy production and 5% of world energy exports.

Coal-powered stations are currently the main source of base-load power.

Nuclear power, which requires uranium, is up and coming. While posing unique challenges, such as the safe and ethical disposal of used uranium, nuclear energy provides a carbon-free alternative to heavily polluting fossil fuels.

The Vanadium Redox Battery — a non-flammable, environmentally-friendly product — is quickly becoming a viable base-load energy source. A popular choice, VRBs have an almost unlimited power capacity and can maintain 90% of their capacity over a 20-year span.

So, what do these changes mean for you, as an investor?

As Australia’s energy infrastructure ages from wear and tear, inefficiency and pollution, it’s important to take notice and adapt to alternatives. The escalation of extreme weather, such as heatwaves and storms, are putting a strain on our traditional methods of power.

We need to find systems that ensure reliable and secure electricity production for our future.

There are numerous base-load power sources that may provide future investment opportunities. We cover them frequently.

Keen for more energy information? Read on for the latest news in this sector.

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