Energy Markets

Energy markets are commodity markets that deal specifically with the trade and supply of energy. Energy markets tend to refer to an electricity market. Base-load power sources are the backbone of society. They are used to deliver power to billions of people around the world.

With government moving towards cleaner and greener energy, the 21st century could be powered by multiple sources.

Coal-powered stations are currently the main source of base load power. Nuclear power, which requires uranium, is up and coming. That said, with the ability to store an almost unlimited capacity, vanadium redox batteries offer potential as an alternative base load energy source. In case you haven’t heard about them, there’s a lot to like about VRBs. They are non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and maintain 90% of their capacity over 20 years.

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With lots of potential future base load power sources, the energy market is likely to present multiple investment opportunities in the future. For that reason, rest assured, our editors are always one step ahead. They frequently analyse the movers and shakers in the energy market.

new oil futures contract trading in Yuan
Will This Deal Be a Blow to the Petrodollar?
The new oil futures contract is one of the many Chinese efforts to internationalise their currency. Yet the adoption pace has been slow. However, there could be a couple of catalysts that could cause the currency to grow quicker. If Saudi Arabia starts accepting Chinese currency in exchange for oil, it could increase the Renminbi’s growth, and deal a massive blow to the petrodollar.
US dollar
Make Way for the Petroyuan
China is also looking to promote the Yuan around the world to become more prominent in international trade. This is a very big deal. Especially as it is coming at a time when there are increasing tensions between the US and China on trade.
How Australia Plans to Be Supercharged
It’s no secret the demand of new battery tech is expected to rise within the coming years. Battery technology company, RedFlow Ltd [ASX:RFX] has been focusing on developing new innovations of batteries for residential and commercial energy purposes.
oil pumps across Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Purge
With one of the world’s largest petroleum fields and about US$1.2 billion in reserves, the country urgently needs to reduce its reliance on oil. It provides three-quarters of state revenue. The clock is ticking…