Technology Investments

Technology investments offer some of the most lucrative returns in the stock market, anywhere.

Think about how integrated your daily life has become with brands like Google, Microsoft and Apple. That’s why early investors in tech companies like these can see phenomenal returns.

US tech company Netflix, for example, rose over 1,900% in the last 10 years. The good news for you is it’s not only US companies innovating and delivering profits to shareholders. There’s plenty of Aussie companies at the forefront of technology, especially medical.

But things move incredibly fast in this space. There’s tech giants that get left behind and lose their leading edge. Stay on top of who’s at the forefront of the next generation of tech by browsing the articles below.

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Doctor Smartphone
Medicine’s Frantic Race Means Big Opportunity for You
With tens of millions of lives at risk from common infections that are resistant to antibiotics — and that can evolve into more serious medical conditions — the leading-edge companies that create drugs to combat the superbug epidemic are positioned for enormous profit potential. There’s a huge opportunity for big gains from medicine’s frantic race to beat the bugs before they beat us.