Technology Investments

Artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, automation, robotics…the list goes on. If you don’t invest in technology, you’re missing out. Companies like Amazon, NVidia and Alphabet’s Google are changing the world. And you don’t want to miss out on the game-changing investments they bring to the table.

Here, we’ll brief you on all the exciting technology investments we think are worth your time.

How Tech Runs the World

Name the biggest companies you know. Who did you think of? Apple? Google? Amazon? Maybe Microsoft?

It’s not a coincidence they all happen to be tech companies. Technology is one of the most important industries in the world. Its helps us become more efficient in our daily lives, and it also works to cure deadly disease that kill millions. And because technology is constantly advancing, our lives continue to improve each year.

So not can technology investments yield enormous returns, you can also be a part of building our future.

How to Make Oodles of Money from Technology Stocks

Imagine if you got into Amazon before it became ‘The Everything Store’. Or what if you knew Google was going to dominate their industry before they listed in 2004? By now, you’d be extremely happy with your investment.

Here, you’ll find everything there is to know about the tech titans. We’ll highlight ground breaking announcements and some of the most disruptive technology developments.

We don’t just cover the big boys either. We also bring to light the smaller, up and coming tech companies. These are the ones that could be the next big tech titan.


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self-driving cars technology
We Were Four Years Ahead of the Mainstream About This
It was a future that we saw four years ago. And only recently have we started to reap the rewards. With cutting edge tech there’s no way to know exactly when things will take off. But with the right amount of insight and research, you can get in early enough to be ready for it.
blockchain and artificial intelligence colliding
When Robots and Blockchain Collide
Many are starting to wake up to the dilemmas that artificial intelligence (AI) may pose. There are key questions that need to be addressed. Including the changing nature of work and the protection of privacy. That’s why the intersection of blockchain and technology, particularly AI, will be the biggest investment theme of 2018.
blockchain technology
Investing Beyond the Blockchain Hype
The companies that will really benefit will probably not have the word ‘blockchain’ in their name. They will be companies that can strengthen their position by using the technology. Or by making themselves crucial contributors to the data value chain.
bitcoin price crash
Bitcoin Price Tumbles on Clampdown
The bitcoin price has tumbled since the beginning of the week. In the last 48 hours, the price of bitcoin has dropped over 15%, to a low of US$14,365.88. At time of writing bitcoin is recovering.
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence: The Future Starts Now
Artificial intelligence is by no means a new concept. The term was first coined nearly 60 years ago. But it continues to give the impression that it’s something which will happen in the future. China wants to be at the forefront of this rapid growth now, and it’s already made a step in the right direction.
blockchain technology
Why Blockchain Could Outrun Bitcoin in 2018
Not everyone has the stomach for such a turbulent investment rollercoaster like Bitcoin. The uncertainty about the future of cryptos remains palpable. In the meantime, blockchain technology continues to prove itself as well-grounded tech with revolutionary potential. And the companies that have utilised it effectively have been rewarded with immense success.
bitcoin 2018 developments
Why 2018 Could Be the Year of Bitcoin
Part of Bitcoin's value is based on what it can currently do — namely store and transfer your wealth in a decentralised non-government controlled system — and part on what it will be able to do in the future. It’s the second part I want to talk about today. That’s the part the critics overlook. Because 2018 is set to be a very exciting time for bitcoin development.
sectors that could boom in 2018
Three Sectors That Could Boom in 2018
With the Trump tax cuts likely to prop up confidence and the US economy, I think you should have at least a part of your portfolio in some speculative sectors. If the bull market does run through 2018, you want to make sure you’re making hay while the sun still shines.
blockchain technology
Why Blockchain Trumps the Banks
So far the banking sector has been shockingly ineffective. The Royal Commission is proof enough. It’s time a new solution was put forward to minimise the risk of fraud and deceit. And what could be better than blockchain technology — the infrastructure of which is based around trust?
cybercrime bitcoin
Cybercrime Becomes Violent as Cryptos Soar
When considering cybercrime, most people think of this brand of untraceable theft. One that seems to be an unfortunate reality for crypto owners. But evidently, cryptos can still be stolen the old-fashioned, gun-to-the-head way.
bitcoin futures
Could Bitcoin Futures Crash the Price?
Bitcoin futures started trading yesterday morning on an exchange run by Cboe Global Markets Inc. The larger CME Group will launch its own bitcoin futures trading next week. How will this impact the market?
blockchain technology being used in humanitarian aid
Why Blockchain Is the Future of Humanitarian Aid
Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Azraq refugee camp, a blockchain revolution is brewing. For months, aid payments had been delivered to refugees via banking middlemen. Due to the remoteness of the camp, the transaction fees were high, the transfers slow, and the delivery unreliable. But no longer.
bitcoin disrupting daily news
Bitcoin Disrupts More Than Your Daily News
With only a month left in the year, it seems bitcoin and other cryptos don’t have any intention of putting on the brakes. And after all the insane gains and volatile movements of 2017, we are left with two extremely polarised streams of thought.