privacy in a digital age
Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Age?
Looking for patterns is human nature. It’s a skill that, in evolutionary terms, has allowed us to progress far beyond any of our mammal counterparts. Upon meeting someone new, we will immediately make judgments about their character. We absorb their …
Artificial Intelligence dangers and risks
The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence
What scares Elon Musk is that we could lose control over the machines. If we program computers to improve by themselves, we could end up creating AI that is as smart as — or even smarter — than us. The truth is that artificial intelligence is developing at an accelerated rate. But Musk being Musk, has already come up with a solution to tame AI.
the art of charting
Keep an Eye on These Two Leaders
A lot of the time the charts don’t ‘say’ much. But at other times, like now in the US, things get interesting. This is where charts can be helpful. With that in mind, check out these two charts.
hyperloop train technology
Hyperloop: The Airline Industry Killer
You might draw the conclusion that the good times are still ahead for airlines. And in the short term, that could very well be true. While commercialisation might still be years away, the speed and convenience of hyperloop travel could seriously reduce demand for air travel.