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Hi, Greg Canavan here.

I’m your new editor at Harry Dent Daily. You may have read my stuff over at Money Morning, Port Phillip’s flagship daily e-letter, where I have written daily essays over the past few years.

Don’t worry, you’ll still hear Harry’s incisive views. When he does write (usually 2–3 times a week) his essay will follow mine. If there is nothing from Harry, I will try to publish another essay of interest.

The reason for the change is because we wanted to give this e-letter a uniquely Australian feel. You know the US is the centre of the financial universe, and we will, of course, focus closely on that market.

But from now on, you will see this focus through the eyes of an Aussie investor. We want to show you what the global financial currents sweeping through the world right now mean for Aussie stocks, and your investments.

It’s also a tremendously important time right now in terms of politics — both global and domestic. Issues of nationalism and sovereignty, versus globalism and rule by unelected technocrats, are key big picture issues for markets.

Related to this is the US/China trade conflict, which is in full swing in PNG right now. This will have major implications for Australia’s fragile economy over the next few years. The mainstream media views Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods through a very narrow lens. They simply see Trump as stupid for not following conventional economic doctrine.

But Trump is anything but stupid. That’s the role he plays in order to lull the establishment into a false sense of security.

Trump is embarking on a huge project that not many have picked up on. If successful, it will have huge long-term implications for global markets. You need to know the story to protect your wealth from what is playing out right now and will continue to play out in the future.

So this theme will be another key one that you will read about in your ‘new’ daily e-letter.

Given the closer focus on Australia, you will also notice a name change for the e-letter in the coming weeks. It reflects the change of geographic focus and a return to our libertarian roots. That is, we will stand up for Australian’s by speaking truth to power and calling out bollocks when we see it.

Our aim is to cut through the establishment spin, and show you the truth, as far as we can work it out.

You’ll still get Harry’s musings in the newly branded e-letter. On the days that he writes, he’ll appear below, so just scroll down.

Just think of it as a collaboration. We’ll write about the view from Australia, while Harry will keep a sharp focus on US markets.

As 2018 wraps up and we head into 2019, we share a similar view with Harry. Markets are clearly struggling. The way we see it, stocks (globally and locally) are at the start of a bear phase.

How deep the bear market will go is anyone’s guess. It might be short and sharp, or deep and painful. Our aim is to figure it out as we go.

There is one thing to keep in mind though. It’s important. You make your money in bear markets. That is, bear markets offer up outstanding long-term opportunities. If you can invest progressively and selectively through a bear market, you are almost guaranteed to make money during the next bull phase.

I’m not saying it’s easy to do. But part of our mission is to help you through a potentially scary time in the markets and set you up for wealth creation when markets turn again.

In Australia (where our focus will be), it’s certainly challenging right now. The housing bubble is in the process of popping, and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has very little interest rate ammunition to fight it.

Will the bursting housing bubble drag Australia into recession for the first time in more than a quarter of a century? Will China feel the effects of Trump’s trade wrath and take in less of our raw materials as their economy slows? Will the climate change warriors do the job on coal anyway and destroy one of Australia’s largest export industries?

These are all big topics that require plenty of discussion.

Tomorrow, I’ll start on the biggest topic of all…Australia’s housing market.

Until then…

Greg Canavan ,
Editor, Harry Dent Daily

Greg Canavan is a Contributing Editor at Markets & Money and Head of Research at Port Phillip Publishing. He advocates a counter-intuitive investment philosophy based on the old adage that ‘ignorance is bliss’. Greg says that investing in the ‘Information Age’ means you now have all the information you need. But is it really useful? Much of it is noise, and serves to confuse rather than inform investors. And, through the process of confirmation bias, you tend to sift the information that you agree with. As a result, you reinforce your biases. This gives you the impression that you know what is going on. But really, you don’t know. No one does. The world is far too complex to understand. When you accept this, your newfound ignorance becomes a formidable investment weapon. That’s because you’re not a slave to your emotions and biases. Greg puts this philosophy into action as the Editor of Crisis & Opportunity. He sees opportunities in crises. To find the opportunities, he uses a process called the ‘Fusion Method’, which combines charting analysis with more conventional valuation analysis. Charting is important because it contains no opinions or emotions. Combine that with traditional stock analysis, and you have a robust stock selection strategy. With Greg’s help, you can implement a long-term wealth-building strategy into your financial planning, be better prepared for the financial challenges ahead, and stop making the same mistakes that most private investors do every time they buy a stock. To find out more about Greg’s investing style and his financial worldview, take out a free subscription to Markets & Money here. And to discover more about Greg’s ‘ignorance is bliss’ investment strategy and the Fusion Method of investing, take out a 30-day trial to his value investing service Crisis & Opportunity here. Official websites and financial e-letters Greg writes for:


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