Clintons Double-Team Obama and McCain Alienates Own Party

The smart money is going with Obama. That’s what the papers tell us. They say that the Clintons overplayed their hand… that by double-teaming Obama, they began to look like the evil side of a Worldwide Wrasslin’ match, slamming the underdog whenever the ref wasn’t looking.

Naturally, the crowds didn’t like it. And now it’s Obama who has the Big Mo.

If the commentators are right, it will mean an election contest in November between “Bomb, bomb, bomb… bomb, bomb Iran” McCain… and a man who is largely unknown and untested, with probable victory to Mr. Obama.

Mr. McCain has alienated many people in his own party who say they’d rather vote for Hillary than for McCain. The Republican candidate has just been given the “true conservative” tag from the president. But even the voters have caught on to George W. Bush; he’s the most activist president since Roosevelt, meddling in everything from medicine to Mesopotamia. He couldn’t tell a true conservative from a rutabaga.

But all the candidates have waged fraudulent campaigns… and there are bound to be many more deceptions tossed about before the final votes are tallied.

Mr. McCain will be the neo-cons’ man. And the neo-cons seem to control America’s only growth industry – the military. They won’t go gently into that good night. The way things are going, Americans are tired of military adventures in the Mideast. Instead, they’re worried about jobs and consumer prices. And they’re ready for a fresh face in the White House to help them deal with these problems. But it wouldn’t take much to turn their attention back to the War on Terror. Then, they might also turn to a proven military man… an old veteran, whom they could trust to protect them.

Anything could happen, dear reader.

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Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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Here’s my thinking:

If the 9/11 “thruth movement” holds any water, then the government shouldn’t have any problem faking another terrorist attack this fall before November to help McCain get elected.

I guess we’ll find out.




Live Free or...

Hmmm… then they can blame any ensuing financial/economic crises on ther terrrsts too.


….why would anyone as old as bombombs mccain want to run for president…..much less walk…..or limp….eureka….steroids+hgh….america’s new growth industry….

Greg Weilo

After Bill Clinton, I thought that no US president could be any worse, but Dubya has managed to put up a pretty good challenge for the worst US President ever.
But if the next President is going to be Obama, Hillary or John McCain, then the trend from bad to worse will continue.
Is there something in the US constitution that states that every US President must make their predecessor look good by comparison? No wonder that Ron Paul was never given a fair chance by the US Big Media.

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