Coca-Cola’s Eventful Month is Still Going Strong

Shares of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited [ASX:CCL] are now trading at $8.71 a share. Share percentage has shown little change today, as it has only dropped by a mere 0.06%

Coke’s market cap stands at $6.306 billion with an enterprise valued higher at $7.76 billion.

Despite the slight share percentage increase, Coke has seen some challenges over the course of March.

Overcoming digital transformation

Coke Amatil is changing culture across their marketing teams — one of the hardest challenges Coke faces.

12 months ago the group kicked off its digital transformation, as it pushes forward change in the companies operations, experiences and business culture. Coke Amatil want to create a more relevant personal experience for its customers and consumers.

Coke believes they are facing a new digital world and as a result, they need to personalise and adapt the brand to a new focused niche. reported that David Godsman, CPG’s digital chief stated:

We are facing a new world — a digital world, this is a world that is somewhat unknown to us. It’s one where we need to learn more about consumers, understand their preferences and behaviours. It’s a world where we need to personalise, and at scale. Ultimately, it’s a world where we need to bridge the physical and physical together.

Their main challenge is the fact that many of its base consumers are different, with new behavioural preferences. In order for Coca-Cola to be unique they must engage their customers in a new way.

Vice president of Coca-Cola, James Somerville believes the brand must think about its digital and physical presence. Their consumers having a coke in one hand and a smartphone in the other is their overall vision.

Launching a new alcoholic drink

Coca-Cola has recently launched a new canned version of Chu-Hi, which is an alcoholic drink in Japan.

This is a first for Coke as they usually specialise in soft drink products and some varieties of water.

Chu-Hi has only low levels of alcohol but can range as high as 9% of alcohol volume.

Coke believes this venture is a great example of exploring opportunities outside of their core areas.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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