Died and Been Reborn

“I was given last rites, twice,” said an old friend over the weekend. His hair had all fallen out…but he looked fairly good…almost stylish, with his bald head and hairless eyebrows. “The second time, I was unconscious. They thought I was dead. I probably thought I was dead too.”

Our friend had a tumor in his chest the size of a baseball. Figuring they had nothing to lose, the doctors hit him hard with chemotherapy.

“I thought I was a goner. They told me I only had about one chance in seven that the treatments would work. It’s a form of cancer that they don’t know very well; it’s fairly rare.

“It’s funny what you think of when you think you’re going to die. I thought of very practical things. I didn’t want to leave my financial affairs in a mess. So, I got everything sorted out in a few days. And I didn’t like to leave my kitchen the way it was. So I had the kitchen remodeled. Then, I guess I was ready to go. The family all came to see me. They all said goodbye. And, for a while, I was in such a fog from the treatment I actually thought I was dead.

“Then, miraculously, I began to feel better. I started to eat again. And when the doctors did a scan, they said the tumor had disappeared. It was as if I had died and been reborn. Most people are born only once and die only once. I felt like I had a new life.”

*** “Our school priest explained how he does marriage counseling,” began Henry. “He is very funny. He said he tries to throw a few banana peels in the path of the young couple….”

“Sounds rather unorthodox,” said Henry’s mother.

“He says that since so many marriages don’t last, he should test people out a bit and see if they are getting married for the right reason. One time he had a couple…and he figured that the woman didn’t really like the guy…she just wanted to marry him because he had a good name…‘de’ something or other…she just liked him because he had a higher social status. Besides the guy was an alcoholic. So, he told them they shouldn’t get married. The guy said he was going to stop drinking after they got married. But the priest told him he had to stop drinking before they got married or he wouldn’t perform the ceremony.

“He said everyone got mad at him. The girl said she wanted to marry him even though he was an alcoholic. She and her family went to see the priest and they were all yelling at him. But he refused to marry them…and then, the guy decided that he didn’t want to get married anyway.”

Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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Steve Nordstrom

What’s your point Bill?

In Robert Kiyosakis books, he says that when rich dad was dying he wasn’t talking about or thinking about all the riches and money and success he had accumulated in his life. Rich dad was talking about all the people he had helped in his life, and all the money he had donated to the needy, and Robert says in his books that that gave rich dad great peace, and he was happy. On the other hand, he says that poor dad aoways said that he would get around the helping the needy one day in his life, but he… Read more »
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