Diggers & Drillers and Australian Small Cap Investigator Being Republished

It’s come to our attention that entire issues of Diggers and Drillers and the Australian Small Cap Investigator have been reposted on various on-line forums in Australia. While it’s nice to have other people circulate your work, it is not nice for them to give it away for free when other people have paid for it. It’s not only not nice to republish copyrighted material, it’s illegal.

Of course it’s very difficult to prevent people from violating copyright in the digital world. So we will rely on an old-fashioned technique: shame. If you’ve published copyrighted material in the past, please don’t do it in the future. We’ll let bygones be bygones. However, if we find some readers persist in posting copyrighted material, we’ll investigate and do what we have to do to stop it.

Mind you, it’s not our favourite thing to do. But the research and production costs of our advisory services are not inconsiderable. Thousands of readers obtain these reports honestly by paying for them. If a few others give them away, it’s unethical, illegal, and bad for business. We’d rather not get lawyers involved. So just do the right thing and cease posting copyrighted material.

You’re free, by the way, to send Markets and Money and Money Morning to anyone you like (and even people you don’t like).

Dan Denning
for Markets and Money

Dan Denning
Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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Yeah, it sucks. I’ve seen instances where people republish articles, videos, photos and even comments as if they are their own. Some say that all knowledge should be free, but I bet they never thought up something on their own or created anything like a book from scratch. No shame some people.


It’s a losing battle, but I wish you luck. Of course, down the track, you and everyone else who publishes original work will have to look at alternative ways to make the business model work, because plagiarism is unstoppable.


Teachers have software to check for plagarism. It’s easy and reasoably effective.


Charging for your reports is of course central to your business and good luck to you, but I cant see how republishing old secondhand investment advice can hurt you in what is a time critical business. It would be very much a case of ‘yesterdays news’. Besides, I thought you believed in freedom.


Suggest you dispense with the electronic .pdf version

Just mail it to us

BTW This is a bit rich from you guys, after I see Tony Schwensen has the GOLD D&D report on globalspeculator.com.au


Not only that, you have Tony do the monthly issue on this last edition, with him presenting half the issue using information WHICH IS FREE ON HIS WEBSITE

Additionally, when I started my subs late last year, you guys put up the WHOLE LIST of recommendations for Small Cap Investigator

Give us a bit of a break here

Quid pro quo


Yesterdays Money Morning was promoting a business(??) opportunity encouraging people to steal articles, copyright them and onsell them. Go figure!!

Gail Lawton

I wish to cancel my 30 day trial subscription to Diggers and Drillers and receive a refund. Please advise how to go about doing this as I can not find a phone number to ring.
Thank you.

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