Save the World by Eating Beef Like a Pig on McHappy Day

Hey it’s McHappy Day again this Saturday. On Saturday, one dollar of every Big Mac you eat will go to Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities in Australia. So go eat a bag full of Big Macs already!

Charter readers of the DR will recall we promoted the cause last year and even met a few hardy subscribers at the McDonald’s on Acland Street in St. Kilda for lunch. We’d consider doing it again!

But the important thing is to eat like a pig while you can, because it’s for a good cause. We are sometimes accused of believing in nothing but irony and cynicism. This is absolutely true, when it comes to large centralised government. But when you can do something positive in your little corner of the Universe, you should not pass up the chance.

And don’t give us any garbage about the rainforests or meat being murder. You might be right. But if you can’t bring yourself to eat a burger to help the families of children with cancer, then you are not an idealist at all but a grandstanding moral opportunist. So eat more beef on Saturday!

If you prefer more decorum with your dinner, keep your eyes out for an invitation later this week to our second annual Markets and Money Doomer’s Ball. Last year the readers of Australia demanded a Christmas party. We gave them one. We’re taking it to the next level this year. Details soon.

Dan Denning
Markets and Money

Dan Denning
Dan Denning examines the geopolitical and economic events that can affect your investments domestically. He raises the questions you need to answer, in order to survive financially in these turbulent times.

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John F.


No guff here about your plan to eat Big Macs for the cause. But one thing I must, absolutely take issue with… you said “beef.”

And yet, I distinctly noticed — around the time of last year’s event — a drop in the Wallaby population. Not that I’m saying anything. ;)

Just that, if you feel like you guys are bouncing off the walls by the end of Saturday, well… anyway, best of luck with the burger-fete.

BT Humble

Why not just go to McDonalds and put the price of a big mac directly into the donations box?

C’mon, the only tasty food they sell is the bacon & egg muffins and hotcakes! ;-)


David Clarke

Wow. A doomer’s ball? I can hardly wait. A collection of the kind of Geeks and Nerds who interest themselves in The Daily Reckoning and related information sources (I proudly include myself in this collection) getting together to celebrate The End Of The World.

Sure. Why not?


Seriously, Ronald McDonald house is a fantastic charity helping people in practical ways when they need it most.

Not so Seriously:

Here’s another reason to eat more meat. Livestock create greenhouse gasses in the form of Methane.

Eat more meat means less methane.Hmmm….

I bet that fact blew some hippies minds!

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