EVE Investments Share Price Grows 18.18% Due to Successful Store Marketing

Extending brand innovation and customer attraction have increased the share value of EVE Investments [ASX:EVE] by almost 20% today.

EVE Investments has a 38% interest in Omni Innovation. Omni Innovation, in turn, have a licence to manufacture and distribute a pre-meal Type 2 Diabetes treatment developed by a company called Eagle Health.

Omni have implemented new marketing techniques to increase sales.

Success with these investments have ensured EVE’s shares continue to grow in their value from six  months ago.

EVE investments is a venture firm, which specialises in various start up investments in the technology sector.

EVE’s choosing the right investments

Eve’s Omni Innovation investment successfully opened stores throughout China, while promoting its new pre-meal drink for type 2 diabetes.

The store openings were successful in marketing the pre-meal drink, attracting almost 300 visitors a day to each store.

Omni Innovation wasn’t EVE’s only investment which played a helping hand in its share price increase.

Meluka Health also contributed largely.

Recently, they held an expo which featured its latest launch products.

The expo attracted over 80,000 attendees, making itself one of the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy product expo events to date.

Both these investments ensure strong sales across regions in China

EVE reported that Eagle Health’s managing director Zhang Mingwang stated:

‘Given our ongoing roll-out of the Hutang-1 diabetes product, we remain dedicated and committed to helping educate the wider community about diabetes management. The Clinically proven diabetes pre-meal shake developed and tested in Australia is the first of its kinds to be made available to patients in this category. According to the International Diabetes Federation, China has 114.4 million people with diabetes and this large scale and developing trend has been reflected in the customer and conversion numbers we have seen in just four of our dedicated diabetes outlets in Xiamen.’

EVE are reaching thousands of consumers for its treatment in diabetes patients. If it continues to do so, sales for the company looks promising.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Markets & Money

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