Deepok Chopra Explained Why God Should Be a Woman

No absurdity is so great that the editors of TIME magazine don’t report it with admiration. One of the most absurd comments we have heard recently comes in the latest edition, where Deepok Chopra explained why God should be a woman.

“The next stage of human evolution has to be survival of the wisest, not the survival of the fittest. For that we need intuition, compassion and a woman God.”

Deepok should take up investing… maybe trading derivatives… a career where hallucination goes unnoticed, if not always unrewarded.

His idea, of course, is the central religious humbug of our era – that man can create God in his own image, not the other way around. If we “need” a caring, nurturing God… well, that’s what we’ll get. A companion notion is that God wants us to be rich (an idea arising, not surprisingly, in an age of Mammon Triumphant). Another comes with the environmental movement – that God favours those who drive hybrid cars.

Good luck with that, Deepok. But we have a sneaky suspicion that you’ll get from God what God wants you to have, regardless of what you want or what you think.

Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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Well there are several ways to interpet DeepAk (your article has a typo). Firstly that God is a mental invention of man which nevertheless exerts great influence of human behaviour, and therefore we need to rethink the role we have given God in a more feminine role in order to influence the direction the world is moving in (even atheiest should see the point here). The other way to see Deepak (Having read one of his books I see fit to comment) is that we are all part of the divine commonly called “god”, so our interpretation of god is… Read more »
The above post is very good. I too have read many of Chopra’s works and agree with what’s said above, especially the following: There is a great difference between material and spiritual wealth. All of this however begs the question, why is an investing site reporting on spiritual matters anyway? Many of the concepts Chopra brings up are in fact quite complex, especially to those who are accustomed to thinking in a different manner, which is fine by the way. What makes it sometimes difficult for many, myself included, is that he can bring these concepts up lightly, as if… Read more »

Deepak writes a great book. They are a great read, but not very convincing at all. I personally find him to be quite narrow in his cosmology. A problem Deepak is his refusal to acknowledge Jesus – where true liberty is found.

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